Saturday, January 23, 2010

How can I clip my guinea pigs nails when he wont let me pick him up and he bites me?

i need to clip my guinea pigs nails but every time i try he bites me! I can take him to the pet store to get them clipped but he bites me when i try to pick him up! please help me he needs them clipped!How can I clip my guinea pigs nails when he wont let me pick him up and he bites me?
Oh,how I dread doing this-it's never fun but I found a way that works very well.First of all,this is no simple job for 1 person-have a friend or family member help you.Have one person hold the piggie firmly in one hand,resting his body on your lap or the floor and gently cover his eyes with the other-this seems to calm them down alot if they cannot see what's going on! Have the second person carefully trim the nails,just be sure not to cut too closely or you will injure them.How can I clip my guinea pigs nails when he wont let me pick him up and he bites me?
I used to have the same problem but i just did this sat and it worked. What i did was i put on a pair of cloth gloves and picked him up with a towel so he could not bite me then i filled my sink with and inch of warm but not too hot water just to cover his feet 4 like 3 min not long because guinea pigs don't do well with temp changes. then i wrapped him in the towel dried his fur off first so he wouldn get sick but if you only wet his feet it wint take long. then because his feet were in water his nails were soft and easy to trim so i had my boyfriend hold him while i cut his nails but dont cut past the pink part or you will hurt the guinea pig .

good luck
Give him a treat so he can trust you, or a small pile of hay, and lure him out, or wear something thick like gloves so it doesn't hurt when he bites you! If you have a small cage, bring the whole cage. Or put a small box right next to your guinea pig, and pick him up as quickly as you can and put him in! ^^
Your little piggy is just scared. My guinea pigs are great when I trim their nails but it wasn't always that way. I put them on my lap on their back and hold them securely and talk to them softly. I try to make them feel very secure. If he bites you then wear some gloves. His nails have to be trimmed. The more you do it the more he will get used to it.
you can get a vet to do it or you will need another person to hold him and and keep his head out the way while you clip the nails
Try toweling him. It covers his eyes to reduce stress, restricts his movement while you try to clip his nails, and helps get him out of his cage, which is good for socializing.

Good luck.

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