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How can I get my gel nails off?

I don't have time to get to a salon.

They're not UV, just the ones where the powder and liquid are painted on.

Can I just soak them in acetone? When I went to the salon once before to get them off, they just picked them off and it was SO painful!How can I get my gel nails off?
I was recently at a nail salon and the lady next to me was getting her powder tips off. They sanded them down as much as they could and then cut them short. I wasn't there for the final stages of the removal.

I remember years ago having the powder and cutting them and soaking them in acetone. It takes a long time! I know my nails were paper thin and very tender afterward.How can I get my gel nails off?
You do NOT have gel nails if you have ANY liquid and powder used in the application process. Gel nails NEVER use powder at all. It is a gel - not a powder. Thus, you can soak them off in acetone. But please don't call them 'gel' nails, OK? They're acrylic nails. Plain and simple. Gel is gel. And that is all there is to it.

BTW, Logans mom - What are you doing, being a nail tech and giving out the wrong information??? UV Gel nails are NOT soakable. Period. You should know that if you are a nail tech. Sure, there are a few gels that are soakable, but no one really uses them because they are junk. Just like these supposed odorless acrylic systems. Junk. I mean, you gave out an excellent description for the removal of acrylic nails, but don't you know that UV gel nails MUST be filed off, and not soaked? You need to take some nail classes, hun. It doesn't matter how long you have been doing nails. The main thing is keeping up to date on your skills. I know of a few nail techs that have been doing nails only a couple of years, and they are better than most techs that have been doing them for almost 20 years. So that has nothing to do with it.
This can be a little tricky but not hard. Get a large bowl. Fill it with water and microwave it to warm it up. Get a smaller bowl and fill it with pure acetone and put it in the bowl (dont let the liquids mix, just to warm up the acetone). DO NOT MICROWAVE THE ACETONE. Soak your hands in the warm acetone for a little bit and the acrylic will soften up into a weird gel like substance. Leave them in there for long enough and it will melt away. Make sure to keep it warm though. Also, you can use like a think ID card or something of the matter to push it between your nail and the acrylic and kind of pick it off that way.

Hopes this helps. I know it was a pain to get mine off for prom a bit ago...They also don't leave your nails too pretty

In the future, try to stay away from fake nails tho...they do hella damage. Most nail salons sand down yours nails some making them super thin when you remove the acrylic...So basically for a couple weeks your nails might constantly break because they're so thin...But no worry!! There is hope! Trim them and put some calcium strong nail polish on. Should holdover til they grow out

oh lord- DONT pull them off, or pick at them, or try to lift them off. this will just destroy the crap out of your nail bed. The only thing that works for me is you need to get a big heavy duty acrylic nail file and start filing them down. first file them short. It takes a while so you might want to get a few nail files- (you will wear through them) Then start filing the tops of your nails, like parallel with your nail bed. File them so they aren't so thick, and just file down the gel to get it normal looking. You just have to keep filing and be carefull not to file all the way through to your real nail or skin. Then let them slowly grow out. But this way you get rid of the big claws and can smooth down the fill line so it doesn't look so horrendous. Then just go over it with clear nail polish when you have sanded them off to your liking. Good luck
soak them in acetone

The salon i go to have a bowl fool then up under it they have some hot water in another.Its supposed to help them come off faster they also put a towel over it (i don't know why though)

hope i helped
unfortunately picking them off is the best way but u can loosen them...take a needle or something small n sharp n carve around the edges of the nails, keep going deeper into the nails slowly but not too hard bcuz u will b scratchin ur real nails. then alternate by soakin in soapy hot hot water...repeat thaat til u see the nail pullin up then pick off..i wore gel nails all the time n that was how i figured to get them off with minimaal pain
Okay well first of all make sure you have air circulating where ever you are going to do this. And drnch cotton ball in nail polish remover/ acetone and place that on your nail then rap them in foil(with the cotton on them) and let it stay on for 30 minutes or so. And viola they are off.
I've picked mine off, but just try cutting them as short as possible first, then runnning the tip of a metal nail file just underneath the edges to loosen them. It is best to let them get to the stage where they fall off on their own, but if you need them off, then just go for it!
Yes, you can soak them in acetone. I'm not sure what salon you went to to get them removed, but maybe try a different salon. I think it's a lot less painful to get them removed at a salon than doing it at home!!
The people at the salon should have told you that once they are on you have to wait for them to fall off... Acetone WILL NOT work,, You have to pull them off that is why they pick them off. It happened to my daughters
you can soak them in pure acetone.. but it can't be just nail polish remover it has to be pure. i wouldn't suggest ripping them off as it is painful and not healthy for your nails
try soaking them in acetone, that should work. then get something like a tooth pick to lift the edges so you can gently peel everything off. be careful!
soak em in acetone
acetone will be the best way.
they fall off on their own
try nail polish remover, i think thats the right stuff... try it and see
Removing gel nails is fairly simple, but there are a few tips and safety precautions that you should take into consideration when removing them. First, and foremost, make sure that you are in a well ventilated area. The nail polish remover and the gel nails will create a stronger aroma, than the usual pungent smell of nail polish remover. The easiest way to create a well ventilated area is to sit outside and remove the nails, or open a window and sit next to it. When removing the nails you might not think that the smell is too offensive, but after an hour or two of its aroma lingering in your house you will certainly reconsider that opinion.

So, after you have located yourself in a well aired area use a cotton ball and nail polish remover to take off the nail polish. You might think that removing the nail polish is mundane and trivial, but once you immerse your fingers into the polish remover you will be thankful. Not removing the nail polish before the nails will cause you to have an unsightly mess of partially dissolved nail polish on your fingers, and this will be a hassle to remove after the nails are off. After removing the nail polish, pour about one half of an inch of nail polish remover into a bowl. The bowl should be disposable because you will probably not want to use it for food after the chemical combination of gel nails and acetone create a slimy goo inside of it. Also, use acetone nail polish remover to discard of your nails. You can use this for the polish removal too, but in order for your nails to be easily taken off you will need the stronger acetone solution. This product is available at any drug store鈥攋ust read the front of the nail polish remover bottle.

Once you have removed the polish and poured nail polish remover in a bowl, place your fingers into the solution. Only put your finger tips in the liquid, making sure that your gel nail tips are completely covered. Also, only soak one hand at a time. This detail is important because you will want one clean, free hand to complete the steps that follow. After five minutes, check the nail tips. They should be slightly gooey, and as earlier mentioned they will have developed a pungent odor. Lightly tug on the ends of the nails and gently try to pry them from your nails. You may use an orange stick (also known as a cuticle stick) to slightly pry the tips from your nail beds. But, if the gel nails give resistance, or you feel pain, do not force them off your hands. Instead, reinsert your finger tips into the polish remover for another two to three minutes. Continue this process until the nails are easily removed from your natural nail. After removing the nails, quickly wipe off the excess goo from your fingers with a clean cotton ball and clean nail polisher remover (do not use the stuff in the bowl). The surface of your natural nails will be slightly rough, and to fix this dilemma gently buff your nails with the soft side of a nail file鈥攐r use a nail buffer. Then, repeat these steps for your other hand. You may reuse the polish remover in the bowl for your second hand, unless it has gotten too gooey from the first hand. If that happens, then empty the solution and refill the bowl with fresh polish remover. After you have removed the nails from both of your hands, shape your nails with an emery board or nail file, and apply a coat of strengthening nail polish鈥攑referably a clear one. You will need to re-apply strengthening nail polish to your nails for two to three weeks because the chemicals from the gel nails indirectly weakened your natural nails. Additionally, the clear base coat will prevent your already weakened nails from absorbing colorants from nail polish.

I hope this helps Good Luck!
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