Thursday, January 21, 2010

How can I stop bitting my nails?

Ive been bitting my nails for a few years now and i cant stop, i tell myself im not going to do it, but i do it subconsciously. Do u know of any way to stop this habit?How can I stop bitting my nails?
Try buying some bad-tasting nail polish they sell at drugstores. Ask a clerk to help you find it. Apply it and whenever you bite your nails, it'll taste terrible, so you'll try not to again!How can I stop bitting my nails?
i had the same exact problem. i've noticed that it was because i was nervous, annoyed, or obsessed with something. this is wat i did:

if your a girl, put nail polish on, you wont want to mess it up

if your a girl OR a guy, go to your pharmacy, they have a small aisle dedicated to stop nail biting if you haven't noticed.

buy one of those nail polishes or chemicals, and they don't hurt you, but have a HORRIBLE flavor if you bite them.

put that on everytime, and if it wears off, apply again

if that doesn't work, wipe some REALLY SPICY hot peppers on the tips of your nails, unless you like them, you should stop (just be careful not to put it in your eyes)

and my last resort was to wear a rubberband and everytime i'd bite, i'd whip my wrist by pulling it, so you think of nail biting as pain

no one likes nail biting, so occupy yourself with something else such as playing with your hands BUT DON'T BITE

let me know if i helped!
i have this problem so here are some tips (p.s. disgusting nail polish doesn't work i tried it all ready) buy fake nails and keep them on for more than 2 months because that plastic doesn't bite off as nails do. keep them on for more than 2 months because u will get used 2 not biting.
Start chewing gum. My sister had the same problem, she got some good gum, and she had something else to bite on, rather than her nails. And dont share it with ppl, cuz then you will run out and start biting your nails again! Hope this helped!
Put viniger on your fingers/nails. And then when you try chewing them they will taste horrid. Also think of all the bacteria and germs under your fingers that can make you really sick. Such as your fecise , dirt ,food. Yuck.
It could be an anxious thing, maybe you do it when your nervous? One way to stop it is, use cream that smells bad and rub it on your hands.. if it taste and smells bad you wont want to go near your nails.
there is a nail polish tht taste really bad when you bite your can get it a drug stor at a nail salon.:) hope i helped.
tape your mouth

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