Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is the best way of cutting the habit of biting/chewing my nails?

I tend to chew my nails a lot! Mainly only cause of boredom and sometimes my nerves when something big is about to happen, but mostly I bite them after my shower/bath when they are the softest. GRR! Lol. I want to stop really bad.

Thanks to anyone who answers, :) xxoWhat is the best way of cutting the habit of biting/chewing my nails?
If you are biting your nails when soft, perhaps they are ragged, peeling or break easily? You could try using one of those 10 day nail treatments, which always works for me. It is more unpleasant biting a fingernail with polish on it. Carry around a nail file to smooth the rough edges - it will help protect against breaking, peeling and snarling. Where are you when you are bored? I bring a book, preferably a small paperback that needs both hands to be held open. I knit now and keep a small project I can pull out, and it keeps my hands off my nails and off junk food. When you are nervous, try this breath exercise instead: breathe in from the bottom up, expanding your gut, the ribs, then the back. Hold, then blow out in the same direction. You can also try rhythmic breathing, breathing in for a count of 7, holding for a count of 8, then breathing out for a count of 4. Basically, find your triggers and retain yourself one trigger at a time. Good luck!What is the best way of cutting the habit of biting/chewing my nails?
There exists a product that doesn't smell too bad or stain your skin that, when put on your fingers, tastes really bad. I think you could just use rubbing alcohol for the same effect. Right after you get out of the shower, dip the tips of your fingers in the alcohol and let dry; when you put your nails near your mouth to bit your nails, you'll get a taste or a whiff of the alcohol and stop.
try to to make a Competition for your self, like how long can you go off biting you nails. it's works in week (i think) cause i am not you so i don't know how long it will take you to cut biting
You can find something else to chew on, like gum.

Wrap your fingers in band-aids, my boyfriend had to do that.
add something bitter from the pharmacy that they sell, but try to fight boredom with physical activity
I still have that habit too. But what I did was keeping it away from my mouth. Just TRY NOT to bite them AFTER THE SHOWER.
put hot sauce on your fingers.
chew on straws

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