Saturday, January 23, 2010

How can I stop the habit of biting the skin around my finger nails?

I've had this habit since I was a child, and I could never kick this habit. I've tried getting my nails done but I cannot afford to keep getting them filled each time. I've also tried gloves %26amp; that gross tasting polish...nothing works...Any other suggestions?How can I stop the habit of biting the skin around my finger nails?
I used to bite my fingernails when I was younger and my grandmother used to use this stuff called ';Burnie stuff'; I don't know if that was it's real name, but thats what I called it. Similar to hot pepper juice....put your fingers in your mouth a few times with that stuff on it, you'll stop after a while! :) I sure did!How can I stop the habit of biting the skin around my finger nails?
dip your fingers in vinegar

keep fingernail clippers with you at all times and when you find yourself wanting to bite, use those instead

if you don't have them on you sit on your hands until you can find some

or get a hobby that involves your hands like sewing, knitting, drawing, etc. so when you want to bite, start doing something else to distract you

good luck
Do your own nails and forget the fake ones. Saves money and they cause too much damage. Yours will grow. Always push your cuticle back. After every shower use your longest nail or a tool to push them back gently. You can buy tools for this as well as gels to help.

Always keep them polished. Use a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat. Use a nude color to start till they grow. The day after you do them put a 2nd top coat on. Some say put one on every other day. Once they are long you will show them off instead of bite them. Keeping them moisturized will fend off the dead skin you are biting.

I have had long beautiful nails for a long time. I cant afford to see a manicurest every other week but I try to go once a month cause they do the cuticles the best. That is sooo important to growing them.

You could try keepin bitter apple juice on them. Pet stores carry it to keep dogs out of flower beds.

Best of luck
Use hot sauce, alcohol, even Pine-Sol (lol), something should work! If you said the nasty tasting polishes don't work, something is nasty enough to make you stop biting your skin. Try something where the smell is really disgusting and overpowering.
it sounds gross but dip your fingers in rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover....the nasty taste will likely get you to stop
I feel for ya, I have the same problem. Chew gum. It's been working for me for about a week now. good luck.

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