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How do I keep from biting my nails?

I have a real issue with it.Like, I used to just bite them off (the top part not my entire nail), but now I just like nibble on them.So it breaks off and it looks really ugly after a little while cuss the nail breaks, etc.From me chewing on it.

Can you help me break this habit so I can have longer/prettier nails?How do I keep from biting my nails?
There are alot of good remedies out there to help you stop biting your nails.

Here is a step by step process:

1.Confront your problem. Get a camera and take some pictures of your bitten fingernails. Examine your nails, and list their problems.

Visualize yourself with healthy nails, and how great they will look.

Pick at least one nail to ';protect'; at a time.

2.After a few days, an unbitten nail will flourish and reward you. Do not bite it. If you must, bite one of the 'unprotected' ones.

3.Once you have grown your unbitten nail for a while, start protecting another one. And another.

4.Record your progress in a notebook or photo album. Take ';before and after'; photos of your nails and put them in the book to keep you motivated. Recognizing that it usually takes three weeks to grow nails half a centimeter, chart out in the book how long you want your nails to be by a certain date.

5.Eat calcium- and magnesium- rich foods so that your nails will repair and grow well. Not only that, but most of the reason that the human body wants to bite nails is the lack of calcium and magnesium in the body and the body needs that material back.

6.Push your cuticles back. Many nail-biters do not have ';moons'; on the base of their fingernails because their cuticles have not been pushed back. To do this, gently push your cuticles towards your finger to reveal more of your nail. This is easier to do after a shower when your hands and nails are wet. This makes the nail appear longer, and it gives a more attractive shape, which might also be a motivation to stop biting.

7.Find a habit to take the place of nail biting. Whenever you have the urge to bite, do that instead. Some people like to drum their fingers, or just stare at their hands. Just make sure it's not a bad habit; choose a helpful one or one that doesn't really matter either way. 'Bitrex' is a chemical that is put in products to make them taste foul, obtained from your local pharmacy. It's included in nibble inhibitors that you paint on to your nails. Carry some with you at all times. Apply your nasty solution several times a day. If you get used to the taste, choose another brand.

Distract your mouth. Eat carrot sticks to keep you busy. Keep a stick of gum handy for those weak moments.

8.No more idle hands..Distract your hands by taking up a hobby.

A hobby to distract your hands might be making models or maintaining your house, knitting or crochet, running or other outside pursuits, or even nail care and decoration!

For those whose nail biting is obsessive/compulsive it may help to approach your hobby obsessively.

Cover your nails. For females, fit artificial nails. They can really help. For guys, polish them and apply some shine/growth promoter or petroleum jelly. It's harder to bite nails that are looking great!

9.Keep gloves in your back pocket and wear them when you want to bite.

10.Put little pieces of tape on the ends of your fingers, to remind yourself how destructive biting is.

11. If you have any surplus growth, cut your nails back. Keep clippers with you at all times. You can't bite if there's nothing there!

Speaking about your nails will help to focus your mind on your goals. Ask for help from your partner(s). Keep talking about your goals.

12. Show off your improved nails, and get much-needed encouragement and praise from your peers.

Be proud of your improving nails. They will shine with beauty.

Go for a manicure, and chat with the manicurist about having great nails.

13. If you are male and you go in for a manicure and anyone gives you grief for not being manly, just say you are taking radical steps, whatever it takes. That should be manly enough for anyone.

14. Keep looking after your nails, with cuticle oil, shine and growth promoter, and no biting!

- ~ -

Things my friend who used to bite her nails do:

- something my friend used off the Berenstain Bears Show is dipping your fingers in a sour lemon mixture. Everytime you try to bite your nails, you will taste the disgusting mixture.

- she always wear nail polish (adds a little bit of pepper in it)

- adds tape around the tip of her finger nails

- cuts her nails everytime they start to look long

- distracted herself by a hobby instead of always thinking about biting her nails

Hope this helps! :)How do I keep from biting my nails?
You can try painting your nails with Tabasco sauce or there is some bitter stuff that you can buy to paint your nails with. Both taste bad and can help you break the habit of biting your nails. Also it has to be something you really want to do, you have to work at it and be very self aware of when you are putting your fingers in your mouth to chew on them. I used to sit on my hands when I wasn't writing or using them.
you can get a solution from the chemist like boots, not sure what its called, you apply to your tastes really bitter and theres no way you'd want to bite your nails.......the only downside is the taste seems to transfer to fingertips, so if happen to eat with your fingers, youl have that taste on the takes a lot of washing to rid of that taste.....but at least you wont bite your nails
I used to bite my nails, and whenever I wore nail polish I wouldn't want to bite my nails any more. So, keep nail polish on your nails. Or if you don't want to put nail polish on them just keep clear polish on them. Eventually, you will have long beautiful nails :]
I have the same habit, but probably a lot worse =[

I have had this issue since I was a little baby.. well old enough to bite my nails.. I have never cut them because they were never long enough..

I am look'in for answers 2 here... I need something to help me 2 =[[

-Thanks for asking this, i need help 2 !
yeahh, thats what i usually do.

i wear nail polish to help me stop nibbling on my nails.

in a way it motivates me to keep my nails growing so they'll look all nice later with the nail polish. hahah.

also, i try not to look at my nails because then i'll get tempted.
my sister has this problem did you know tapping your nails on something helps them grow faster you could try that or like my sister did go to the store and get fake nails so that you just bite on those not your real ones sooner or later will grow
I bite the insides of my cheeks actually...Oh you could also use the lame 'put hot sauce on nails' trick. Idk if it works.
What I did was dip my fingers in nail polish remover every day. So when you put the nails in your mouth it will tast bad. After a while you just stop.
Put clear fingernail polish on what nails you have left and that should help you from biting them.
dip ur fingers in arsenic! :) you wont even think about biting them after that
put cayenne pepper in your nail polish.

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