Saturday, January 23, 2010

How can I keep my dog still when I'm trying to clip her nails?

she's an Italian Greyhound, will be 7 years-old next month. i usually take her to petsmart to get it done and she stays almost completely still when the people at petsmart do it but at home she won't even stay still long enough to cut one nail.

does anyone have any tips on how i can get her to stay still?How can I keep my dog still when I'm trying to clip her nails?
You should ask a friend to help you. If they agree, tell them to hold a treat in their fist so that your dog can barely taste it. (Make sure your friend is okay with having dog slobber all over her hands.) This will keep her occupied and she probably won't care what you do with her nails.How can I keep my dog still when I'm trying to clip her nails?
grab her paw and hold on until she quits struggling.Then try it.If she trys to wiggle,stop and hold her paw until she quits.It worked for my dog.
Give him some food or hook his chain to the door nob.
You, must be nervous about doing her nails. Dogs can smell the pheromones that we exude for almost any reason and if for some reason trimming her nails makes you anxious she will be aware of it and not trust you to do the job. Or because she fusses, you usually let her go and she has learned that this particular behavior allows her to get her own way.

Have her lay down and sit down with her and have the nail trimmer laying in plain sight, then handle each of her feet in turn, examining each toe. Do this every day for about a week, don't cut anything yet. After the week, introduce the nail trimmer and touch each nail with the trimmer, don't cut anything. On the third week, do everything as before but only cut one or two nails and let her go.

The main thing is to keep her in place and no matter how much she fusses, don't let her go. Finish the routine each day and when your done, give her a treat and praise her exuberantly. She'll come around but it will take time for her realize that she can trust you and no matter how much wiggling she does it's not done until you say so.
You can pet and talk to her while you are doing it and slowly pet near her foot, this might desenitze the area, you could also give her treats while you are cutting them.
Good luck!

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