Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do I get nice looking nails?

The past few months my nails have gotten so bad that no amount of cuticle cream has helped them. They are dry, splitting, hangnails everywhere, and there are a lot of annoying white marks on them. I don't know why they have gotten so terrible (I never wear nail polish) but I want to know how to get pretty nails again.How do I get nice looking nails?
Better diet. You need more calcium and protein to have nice skin/hair/nails. And drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated, prevent it from cracking. Vitamin E helps, too, in pill form and oil form (to rub on skin/nails).

Use Nail Tek II strengthening treatment.How do I get nice looking nails?
when u are in desperate need go to a nail salon and pay extra just that once. Sometimes they get so out of hand, that u can not fix them. If u go 2 a nail salon just that once, it will be better for u in the future. (My nails got so bad 1 time, and i did this. They fixed them and my nails are great now. Ever since that one time, I got caught up and have been fine ever since.)

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