Thursday, January 21, 2010

What color should I paint my nails?

I have fair skin and blonde hair, and I don't know what color. If you have suggestions please tell me.What color should I paint my nails?
pale pink

feminine and girly and perfect for pale skins and complexions

any other pastels will look great aswell like pale blues, greens and my own favourite - silver!What color should I paint my nails?
a light violet, light pink, baby blue... very pale colours to suit your skin colour
Red is fine!
whatever color you choose do not choose BLACK. try blue
Do pink or baby blue or paint them like a french manicure!!
do bright red

or else blue.
apparently pale pastels are in this spring which would look great with your skin tone.

Me personally I just decided to go TEAL. bright and fun colors always make ya feel better!
hott pink, baby blue and or maybe a very light red color, and i meen very light!! not too dark, maybe a pinkish colour
pale blue or pale green
bright pink!!! or a pale colour

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