Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why does my girlfriend paint her nails black?

She sometimes paints her nails and toenails black. She is not a goth or emo.

She is a real feminist though. I have not noticed if she does it when she is depressed or unhappy.Why does my girlfriend paint her nails black?
Well I am 24 and not goth or emo and I will paint my nails according to the outfit I wear.

Black isn't just for goths or depressed people ,..,, I have black hair and nobody would ever consider me goth or depressed .Why does my girlfriend paint her nails black?
its just a fashion

it doesn't really mean your goth or emo

like i said its a fashion

and if you think its that she has some depressing moments and paints them black for that reason then have a talk about it

i'm sure she will help you understand more on why she does it since none of us here are her

only she knows why she does it

so just talk to her about it
I am a girl and I am not sure why girls paint there nails black. It looks gross to me. I find nothing at fashionable about it. Sorry but that's my opinion. Why don't you ask your girlfriend why she does it?
cuz she likes the look

just as a girl can like pink nails(ew) without something being wrong with her she can like black
I guess she might be intersted in muted color that won't wear off so fast

think of it like this they're was black nail polish before they're were goths
Black nails just look cool. You don't have to be emo or goth. My nails are black right now and I'm punk but not emo and I just think it looks cool.
Well maybe she wants to paint her nails black.

I mean its up to her really.
What the hell does feminism have to do with it?
it doesnt really have to do with feelings. black nail polish is kinda 'in' right now

i have dark purple on
i paint mine black sometimes and i'm not emo at all.. i just like it.

she probably does too.
Uhm, It's her nails.

Why are you concerned so much?

Let her do what she wants to do.

black is classy!

it shows she has good style...

personally, i use dark purple but people says it looks black.

Because she likes it?
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