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How do I cut my guinea pigs nails?

Can I use our normal nail cutter? How much should I cut it? How do I stop my guinea pigs from moving around when I'm cutting their nails?How do I cut my guinea pigs nails?
My usual nail cutting tips:

You can use regular human nail clippers. If you are scared about cutting to short, hold the feet over a light (flashlight, maybe) and you can see the quick easily and know where to stop. You could also put a brick in their cage. It might help them file their own nails down a bit, but probably not. My guys just jump over their brick.

You can always take him to a vet to trim his nails, but that will cost you. I always have their butt sitting on my leg so that they don't feel like they are mid air. My guys don't like it and it takes time. Sometimes, if their are exceptionally wiggly, I only cut one foot and let them run for a bit before doing another. There have been times that I cut the front feet one day and the back the next. It does take patience. Good Luck!!

New owners shoud read for a great guide to keeping your piggie healthy and happy!How do I cut my guinea pigs nails?
its sometimes easier with 2 ppl. one to hold, and then that leaves 2 hands for you to hold the little foot. i use regular human clippers for mine. just be carful not to cut too deep.
try wrapping them all cozy in a old blanket or towel, have only 1 foot sticking out of the towel, and use store bought clippers and do it like yours, leave a little something there!

hope it helps!! :)
I started using a normal nail cutter, and my husband helped to hold the piggie still. I now use a cat claw trimmer (they're like little scissors) and I can do it on my own. Basically, you'll want to find a position that relatively comfortable for the pig and gives you access to their feet. Be gentle but firm when holding them. You can try wrapping them in a towel so that their legs are sticking out. You can even try using a tennis racquet - have someone hold the racquet out and put your pig on the netted part. I personally haven't tried this, but I've heard of people that have. I currently have a method of putting a fluffy pillow on my lap and laying my pig on their back on the pillow. I place my hand across their belly and use my fingers to steady the foot I'm trimming. My boys don't fight as much, but if they do start to squirm I'll talk to them gently to try to calm them, and if that doesn't work I flip them back over and give them a break.

As far as trimming, the nail is made up of two parts - the dead tip and the quick, the pink center. If you're lucky enough to have a pig with clear nails it's pretty easy to see the quick. You'll want to trim just so there's a tiny bit of nail before the tip of the quick. If your pig has black nails, start by just taking off a little bit at a time. If you nip the quick don't panic. Grab some flour or styptic powder (available at pet stores) and dab onto the tip and keep pressure on it for about 30 seconds until the bleeding stops. While uncomfortable, it's a minor ';wound'; that your piggie will recover from quickly.
Good Luck!

If you handle your guinea pig regularly they will get use to nail trims...

I wrap mine in a towel and quickly trim his nails.
I use not nail scissor, but nail clippers for humans. You need to get your guinea pig on its back, in the crook of your arm. You will need to be firm and it may require food treats or a couple of people, in terms of how much to cut you need to cut up to the blood line. This can be hard in black guinea pigs - in this case you may just want to nick the top off. The following site is fantastic for nail care:
GO TO A VET COZ IT MAY HURT the guinea pig. good that a vet cuts it.
Use cat clippers or human nail clippers if you dont have kitty ones. Cut slightly before the pink vein where the nail curves. You might need a second person to stop the wiggling.
Just take the clippers and cut the tip where it is sharp I use the regular nail clippers and find it easier that way,I try to get some one to help hold them while I cut them.
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