Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do i stop biting my nails?

I am really not a nervous person but I bite my nails constantly! I cant stop and I really need some pointers on how to stop because its a gross habit. Please help me. All answers appreciated!How do i stop biting my nails?
Get some special nail polish that when you bite them it tastes horrible. But it does taste really horrible. My friend had some and i tasted in my mouth for 2 hours! And it went all other my cheese-string! You could just paint them a colour so you want bite them. Or get a friend o hit you when they see you biteing them.How do i stop biting my nails?
I used to bite my nails too, but I stopped cold-turkey. But that probably won't help you, so I suggest decorating/painting your naisl with nail polish or glitter.

It makes you think that it:

1) Makes your nails look pretty, so you don't want to ruin them.

2) You know about harsh chemicals in the nail polish, so you definately do not want to bite them.

Anyways, I hope that helps and good luck quitting nail-biting! :)
i had that same habit too. what i did was i told anyone i was with, that if i bite my nails, that i owe them a quater. this way i wouldnt bite my nails or i would loose money. if that didnt work, but tape on them when your at home so you wont bite them. eventually, if you keep bititng them, they will be so short that they hurt to even move, trust me
I used to bite my nails too. What I did to break the habit is I realized that I like the feeling of the having the nail in my mouth not necessarily biting them. So if I felt the urge to bite them I would just put the nail in my mouth but not bite down on it hard and eventually I didn't even feel the need to do that anymore. I hope that helps.
they make this clear polish, and you can put it on over your nail polish. its called no bite. what it does is is has a bitter gross flavor to it, so when you bite your nails, its tastes gross.鈥?/a>

I used to bite my nails...i dont anymore but this is wut i did.

Put Pepper on the tips of your nails. then go to the store and get nail hardener and put that on the whole nail.

hope i helped!

Coco Malloy
first, try those nail polishes at da drugstore that hav special nasty tastes...or mayb u can hav some1 reward u, 4 every 2 days u dont bite ur nails, u get a dollar or something....mayb u can start 2 wear gloves for a week or 2 and c if dat helps.

good luK!
I get like that. You can put some really disgusting tasting nail polish :P Other than that, I can't really think of anything. I just kind of taught myself to stop because I liked having long nails...
slowly move to chewing gum then try to stop chewing gum. Unless you enjoy chewing gum.

you can't bite your nails when your chewing gum
chewing gum is the best way to go, i used to bite my nails all of the time too, but i chew gum constantly.
Buy a specal nail polish called Stop the Habbit. It tastes really bad but works really godd. Good luck. It helped me alot and my nails are longer than ever.
my suggestions is to chew gum.

when i start to chew them i go get a piece of gum and it distacts me from biting.

Go to the chemist and get this invisible nail pilish stuff that when you bite your nails it gives this horrible taste that lasts ages in your mouth. It worked for me!
There is stuff at drug stores / pharmacies to brush on the nails. It is bitter tasting...this will help stop it.
Theres a special varnish you can buy that makes a horrible taste in your mouth when you bite them. it helped me
I bite my nails too!

Try one of those nail varnishes for people who bite their nails,ones that taste really yucky.Everytime you try to bite your nails you'll taste it and be like 'BLEUGH'

lolol try them :)
Will Power
Bite somethin else
Try soaking your nails in White Distilled Vinegar.... you will never want to bite your nails again.
i would put like finger nail polish on ur nails and then they will taste bad,and you wont want to them back in ur mouth
Put masking tape over them
rub hot chilli peppers on them
put on a shiny nail polish that way you wont be temted (worked 4 me)
dip them in lemon juice and u will def stop
stick u finger in ur butt and you will stop biting them

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