Thursday, January 21, 2010

How can I stop my finger nails from being yellow?

I know - I'm a guy with freakishly long nails - don't ask why?

But I want to know how I can stop them from turning sort of yellow. I have this special brush that I clean them with every night...How can I stop my finger nails from being yellow?
Cut you rnails. With long nails naturally comes yellow and balckish nails.How can I stop my finger nails from being yellow?
I'm picturing 6 inch long nails curling downward at the tip and

some demonic figure with a satanic sized brush tearing away

at them in the middle of night, while howling at the moon :)

if your a smoker, that would be one cause. they could just

be turning yellow at the tips due to lack of vitamin because

of how long they are. get some vitamin oil for them.

not 100% what type though sorry, maybey someone else

can follow up on that.

Update * - Vitamin E and A is Recommended, any type of lotion, also use Petroleum Jelly two - 3 times a day and you

should notice a difference according to this webpage.
Yellow nails can mean there are problems with your liver..If you drink a lot of alcohol or use tylenol in excess that could be your problem, it could be something you do for a living maybe some kind of chemical you are exposed to, without knowing about other symptoms you might be having or your age it's difficult to diagnose...A trip to your doctor may be in order....Good Luck
u can be having any stomach ailment, blood deficiency or calcium deficiency. Best thing is to take 2 glass milk every day. fruits n vegs harm no way. vitamin a n protein make nails healthy.

Dip ur hands in hot water for 10 mins. massage with any oil or hand cream n sleep.

Cut them regularly n dont take cocktails coffee or smoke

gud luck
hmm, keep cutting them (trimming) to stop them becoming hard and thick, and you could use a pencil whitner on the underside, available in most beauty shops like boots/superdrug. also try a nail and hand moisturiser to keep them supple.

Cutex whitening nail varnish remover

Rimmel whitening nail pencil

Rimmel nail rescue

after like a week you nails are really white and hard

it works so well my nails used 2 b sooo yellow especially coz i smoke now ppl are like wow it looks like u gotta maicure!

If you smoke, you should wash your hands after every cigarette. You can also use whitening toothpaste and a soft brush on your nails at night, or lemon juice.
its a Fungi...鈥?/a>
Using a base coat ( although you're probably not using any other nail polishes) but i guess since you're a guy, go for an instant dry one .
Rub lemon juice on the discolouration.
Let them dry out, could be you're getting a fungus on the underside of the nail. That'll make them appear yellow.
Stop smoking
a guy should NOT have long nails, and its even worse that theyre yellow. cut them off immediately
wash your hands more often!

and cut them...its weird for guys to have long nails!
dnt smoke ha
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