Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Etiquette poll: How many of you think it's disgusting to clip your nails at work?

I do. We had a co-worker consistently clip his nails at work. He is weird and obsessive compulsive, always rubbing his cuticles and using Purell hand sanitizer. He's gross. He thinks nail clipping is okay! The nerve!Etiquette poll: How many of you think it's disgusting to clip your nails at work?
Wow! if he has an OCD then maybe things must be addressed differently. nail clipping at work is pretty sick, ocd or not. I worked with a guy who would sit in the caf and give himself his insulin shot. I reported (after asking him numerous times to stop) him because that is a biohazard in a cafeteria.

Talk to HR, see what they can do.Etiquette poll: How many of you think it's disgusting to clip your nails at work?
well, if you have a hangnail or broke a nail and need to clean up the edges so they don't catch, i don't see the problem, but if he's doing it everyday, that's odd. of course, he just might have a different way of doing things. in the big picture, does it matter that much? you can always ask him to clip his nails in the men's room because it distracts you.
I think that is something you do at home and not at work ever!
Oh ya, that's disgusting. We have a woman that flosses her teeth, right in the break room after lunch.
Medically, our nails accumulate millions of germs that can be the cause of several infection and disease. When clipping our nails in public, we expose people directly in our environment to these viruses. That is why nail clipping is not only disgusting, unhygienic, unethical, it is presents itself as a health hazard.

Happy clipping,

That's personal hygeine, and should be done at home.

That would be like you shaving your armpits while sitting at your desk.

the nails must grow pretty fast if he's clipping them so often !

Why is a guy so worried about his nails? That sounds gay to me.

It's digusting and he should be fired.
An emergency touch up in the office is one thing, the full salon treatment is quite another. If this person's behavior is upsetting the entire office, then you should (as a group) go speak to the manager/supervisor about him. Since the person seems to have a mental disorder (obsessive compuslive) the manager might recommend the employee for counseling if they wish to keep the person as a valued employee. If they are not that valued, the manager might decide to reassign him or fire him.

Have a great day!
It 's awful. Ask him politely not to do it. If he takes offence, tell him he could be spreading a fungal infection, which is very prevalent in our toenails. That's unacceptable. You do things like that in your bedroom, with some paper or a towel you are going to wash immediately.
definitely disgusting. I used to sit next to a senior citizen guy that did this, and also had a skin condition where he would peel off flakes of skin. GROSS!
That is one of the things that should be done at home or in private, not in a public place.
I think nail clipping in front of anyone anywhere is unacceptable, let alone from a co-worker. I would make some comment to management about staff attending to personal care at their desks in front of others (which could include clients).
I usually clip my nails, shave me beard and clean my ears at work. If you think this is disgusting you are full of prejudices and you are also disrespecting my different culture and life style.
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