Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do I quit biting my finger nails?

I have been biting my finger nails for years and I have tried everything. What should I do?How do I quit biting my finger nails?
They make a solution to put on your nails that tastes bitter and will help you stop.How do I quit biting my finger nails?
Well you could pick up ciggarette smoking to calm your nerves......but biting your fingernails won't make you gain weight and is not unhealthy. Perhaps some fake nails may be the answer?
I think I might be able to help each other could you please drop me an email as I'm doing a project on stress and nail biting if you are interested to help. email or im me my details are under my profile.
Get Hypnotized (it works!) or put hot pepper spray on your nails. Good Luck.
glad to know i am not alone. i still bite mine, put false nails to stop me. then bite the false nails off over the week and then bite my own nails. tried stop.n,grow. that didnt work

dont know i am doing it, but must be tension, nerves, habit , or stress.

drives my bf mad. help!!
My 10-year-old daughter is still struggling with this. She paints her nails (clear polish), and the taste stops her from biting her nails, at least until the polish comes off. It's a nervous habit, so she also chews on pens. Not the best solution, but maybe you can transfer the chewing habit to chewing gum
Wear gloves.
I bit my nails from the time I was a small child up until I was about 45. I tried everything to stop-bitter polish, bandaids on all my fingers, etc. Then I decided to get acrylic nails so my hands didn't look so ugly. By the time I needed to either get a fil-in or remove them I had broken the habit. it's been 12 years and I still don't bit my nails.

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