Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is a good way to calm my dog down to clip his nails?

I've got a strong dog who hates the clippers being anywhere near his nails. Are there any over-the-counter meds that I could give him to konk him out for a little while that would be safe for him?What is a good way to calm my dog down to clip his nails?
Try bringing the dog off the Ground when you clip his nails. Put him on a table or desk. Get him accustomed to you touching his feet. When he is relaxed, give him a foot rub. Do that for five minutes, three times a day. If you can't do it without meds, take the dog to a vet or groomers to get his nails cut.What is a good way to calm my dog down to clip his nails?
Start over completely. Meds are not going to solve your problems for an anxious dog that you cannot train.

Start my just carrying the clippers around with you all the time so that he gets used to them. When he's relaxing with you, hold his paws...just hold them. Gradually, within a few weeks as you hold his paws, spread his toes and move them around. Maybe even get the clipper out, but don't do anything. The next week, while you do this assuming he's now to the point that he doesn't mind and he's calm, clip one nail, just a bit, give him a treat and then leave him alone. Don't do any more for a few days.

I did this with my Great Dane/St. Bernard mix...I'm sure you can do it with yours if you have patience.
IF this was a puppy there are a number of easy things to do to get him accustomed to nail clipping. However, tranquilizers are not on that list. Sounds like your best bet is to pay the vet tech or a groomer to do it for you. They usually only charge $5 or $10 depending on the dog.
for my dog, i take him to the vet he will rip my hands out if i even touch his nails, the vet puts him to sleep for alittle while an than he is fine!
I wouldn't suggest that you give him any medications,just call your Vet,sometimes they'll do it for free.If it costs anything the fee will be minimal.Hope this helps.

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