Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How much does a manicurist (artificial nails, etc.) make in CA?

I want to know how much, on average, you can make as a manicurist in Southern California.How much does a manicurist (artificial nails, etc.) make in CA?
I work in San Diego county and I average around $3700 a month before deductions. My booth rent is $108 a week and I usually spend around $250 a month on supplies.How much does a manicurist (artificial nails, etc.) make in CA?
$20-$30 for nails? Airbrushing? No doubt about it, you must go to McNails! I bet they don't speak English very well there, now do they? Why do people insist on going to these unsanitary, often illegal dumps they call salons? They will ruin your nails more often then not. The products used in a $30 full set is cheap garbage, and potentially dangerous to you.

Fnd a reputable American owned %26amp; operated salon. They are the ones where you will have to make an appointment, but they will uswe top quality produts on you, and not ruin your nail, or cause you any pain. Nail services should NEVER hurt, not even one bit.

To answer the question, it varies on a lot of things - Like: How many hours you work, how full your 'book' is, whether you booth rent or are an employee, what your skills are like, what your time is, and more. Its safe to say that it is easy to make upwards of $40,000 and higher per year after you have ben doing it for a few years, and have a full book.

Don't expect anywhere near that just starting out, or part time. You have to pay your dues first...
My nails costed $28, but I also got zebra stripes air-brushed onto them. Usually they cost from 20-30, 20 being the low end crappier ones, thirty being the better ones done by better manicurists, and I live in Nor Cal, so I think it should be relativley close pricings.

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