Thursday, January 21, 2010

How can i quit chewing my nails?

i am 34 years old and i have been chewing them since probably before i popped out of the womb. i have tried using hot stuff on them, nasty tasting stuff, using gloves, chewing on straws, chewing on pencils etc etc etc. i quit smoking easier than this and that was addictive. i don't know why i can't quit chewing my nails. i feel like i have tried everything and nothing works. i do it subconciously (sp?) over half the time. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have any suggestions? Please help. Serious answers only please.How can i quit chewing my nails?
I figured this out a few years ago and succeeded in breaking a lifelong habit.

First, don't stop for a few days. Specifically inend not to stop for a few days. But become conscious as soon as possible what you are doing JUST BEFORE YOU BITE YOUR NAILS.

It will eventually dawn on you, and then really get burned into your consciousness, that you put one or more fingers close enough to your teeth to bite them. You can't bite them if your teeth can't get to them.

You will also eventually learn that probably before you bite your nails you bring your hand close to your mouth (maybe you're touching your face, or scratching your nose, or something like that).

Conclusion: if you get out of the habit of toucing your face (unless you are watching it intentionally) your hands won't get near your mouth.

If you stop habitually randomly touching your face, then you won't have to conscioiuslly deal with not biting your nails. Break the underlying habit, and the habit you want to change will go away.

Try to do this (i.e., avoid touching your face in a random way) for 21 days. Most habits can either be broken or (if you want to develop a good habit) established if continued consciously for 21 days.

A hint is to combine two habits: the old habit you want to drop and a new habit you want to acquire. For example, let avoiding touching your face be a cue to start doing something else, like standing up and doing a few stretching exercises every time you realize you might be tempted to touch your face.

It works. I've been pretty clear of nail biting since the spring of 2005 using this technique (and also I've been getting more exercise, feel somewhat better in general, and stand straighter).How can i quit chewing my nails?
wear gloves.
* Unless you want to go the hypnosis route, which some people swear by, you do have a couple options other than sheer willpower. One is to apply the very disgusting (and therefore, highly successful) nail biting cream like Control It!), which you paint onto your nails. It tastes so bitter you won鈥檛 dare bite them. A new product on the market which doesn't taste any better, but is definitely worth trying is Jessica 'Nibble No More,' a no-nail-biting polish with bitter cactus extract as its secret ingredient ($5 at

Another option is to keep your nails painted. My friend Lisa swears a pricey manicure keeps her biting at bay %26amp; she suggests the brighter the color the better.

Read more about Control It! at this handy Website we found:

For more infor read websites

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