Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is the best way to cut a 5 month old baby girls finger nails without cutting her?

I have cut her twice and she bled and screamed.

It really makes me very nervous doing it.

Any advice for a househusband Daddy????What is the best way to cut a 5 month old baby girls finger nails without cutting her?
If you insist on cutting them (filing is much easier) either wait until she is asleep, or restrain her somewhere where she is comfortable, like in her bouncy seat or car seat. Then, hold her hand and take her finger, pressing down softly at the tip so there is a small gap between the nail and the finger. Then, take the nail cutter and insert it where you see the small gap. Make sure the entire nail is in the cutter and that no skin is in there. Make sure she does not move around to avoid any more accidents.

Good luck!What is the best way to cut a 5 month old baby girls finger nails without cutting her?
Trim her nails when she is asleep - you also don't have to do them all at once - cut one or two tonight when she is in bed, maybe another one or two during her nap tomorrow.

Babies nails are also very soft, when my babies were small, it used to be recommended that parents bit the nails when they got too long, they are very thin and soft.
I filed them with a baby nail file until my daughter was about 7 or 8 months and now i have a great clipper from safety first, it has a light at the end, and I wait until she is asleep and then use them. I hold her finger so i pull the skin back from the pad of her finger so nothing other than the nail touches the clippers.
poor baby. that was my fear so what i do still to this day and my daughters a year and a half now is .. i bite them off lol my friends mom said she did it with her kids and i thought hmm seems safe, a little odd but at least i'll know i'm not cutting her. and seriously once a week i do the toe nails when she's eating lunch or dinner in her high chair because its the only way she'll let me get to them. mm nothing like a rubin and baby toe nails lol
baby nail clippers. and don't try to make them as short as you do just make em a lil shorter or get someone else who doesn't feel nervous.

also try when she is asleep:D
I always did my twins when they were asleep, let her fall asleep on your lap and have the clippers nearby, and use the little ones with the magnifying glass on it, and dont sweat it, a lot of us has done that, it takes some practice
DO NOT cut them. Do not tear them...nibble them or file them with a very soft finger nail file (not metal). I know - nibbling sounds atrocious but it's better than cutting .That's how I did it.
Cut them while she's sleeping.. i also bought a neat little pair of nail clippers from walmart that have an led light on them and they didnt cost makes it much easier to see their tiny little nails
Cutting her nails while she is sleeping is the best way that I found and worked for us. Use the baby nail cutter as well.
Wait until she's sleeping! That's what I have to do with my daughter. It's very easy when she sleeps, since she isn't squirming around. Good luck!
Use a baby nail file and file them down. It is much easier and no pain involved.
I have a daughter and i bit her nails when shes asleep or when shes eating so she is distracted and i dont have to worry about the cutting her thing

hope this helps!
Use a soft nail file and file them down instead of cut it. It is easier to round out the edges and doesn't hurt the little ones.
Try when she is sleeping. That's when I have the best luck. We also use the small clippers with the magnifier on the end. Good luck!
well i read that it's better to bite them off then to cut them

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