Saturday, January 23, 2010

How can I trim my bunny's nails without making her stressed ?

My bunny's nails need to be trimmed, but I've never done it before! How can I trim them without harming her or putting her under a lot of stress?How can I trim my bunny's nails without making her stressed ?

You might need to get someone to help you.

Either you or a friend needs to hold her on her back so you can see her claws properly, if she wriggles, wrap her in a towel loosely so you can get to her feet. Get a pair of animal nail cutters that you can buy from any good pet store. Squeeze her paw slightly so she spreads her toes and begin cutting carefully. Keep hold of her paw while you do this in case she tries to pull it away. Then begin to cut the white parts of the nail, stop cutting when you get near to the part of the nail that is red/pink- if you cut this bit she will bleed. If she has dark coloured nails, shine a torch underneath so you can see where the the pink bit begins. If you do make a mistake and she does bleed, get some flour and put it on the bleeding part which helps the blood on the wound clot.

Good luck!How can I trim my bunny's nails without making her stressed ?
depends on how friendly it is. i have had rabbits i could just sit in my lap and use a small nail problem.(just don't cut them too close or the nail will bleed)

other rabbits i needed help holding them in a towell...those you must be very careful as they are trying to get free and it's easy to cut the nail too close. do it more often and don't cut that much at a time.

also put something rough in it's a flat large stone something

the rabbit has to run across to get from one end to the other.

this will act like an emery board and keep the nails a little more under control.

good luck, rabbits are hard and die very easily. in the past by the time i realized something was wrong it was too late. one rabbit i took to two different vets neither one could find anything wrong with her...2 days later she died...they can't take the heat very well either..

make sure they are always in a shaded area during the summer.
Well maybe if its not too much trouble for you try to find a friend that might know how to do it or maybe go to a vet good luck! hope i helped! :)
Don't do it, take her to the groomer because if you cut to much you could hurt her badly.
if u hav 2 wrrap her up in a towl so she doesnt squrm as mch

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