Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do I stop bitting my nails?

Well,i have been trying to let my nails grow ever since i have been little but i cant stop bitting them.How do I stop bitting my nails?
Polish your nails clear.. It taste disgusting when you bite it.. Soon.. your habit WILL stop since you wouldn`t want to taste the nail polish ever again. don`t soak your hands in hot sauce.. because if you wear contacts or using items that you have to touch your face.. you could have pimples or get red, teary eyes. Polishing clear is the best thing to do.. also.. take a vitamin called biotin.. it helps nails, hair, and skin stay healthy while you try to get your nails grow... or another choice is to get acrylic nails... but there is a good and bad benifit.. the good benifit is that acrylic nails looks really good... the bad benifit is that after you take off the arcrylic.. your nails WILL be weak and brittle if you don`t take good care of it.. so make your decision.....=)How do I stop bitting my nails?
me neither i need the same help try painting them alot and picking the nail polish off when you go to bite them
do what my mom does soak them in hott jamaican pepper until you feel the burn the next time you bite them.
I've always had that problem but when I have fake ones on there is no way that I will bit them they are hard maybe you should try fake nails I know it will work TRUST ME!
The only way I was able to get myself to stop biting my nails was to get fake ones. They are thick and there is no way I am going to bit them off.

When I have gotten them removed I find that I am not as tempted to bite my real nails off.. But That it what has worked best for me. Good Luck %26lt;3
I did that when i was young till i found Sally Hansen's ';No Bite';.Juz apply it on ur nails, its clear in color but everytime u ';attempt'; to sink ur teeth in, u'll taste this bitter ( very bitter ) taste..on ur lips ( whole mouth ) . So after some time, u wudnt wanna have em ( ur nails ) near ur mouth anymore..When ur used to it, u wudnt need it anymore,coz u'll be paintin ur nails etc.Good Luck!
dip your fingers in tabasco sauce and let it soak in. Then just rinse of your hands and you will not want to bite your fingers.
they have a clear polish that tastes disgusting, for the purpose to train people to stop biting. I also have heard of painting vinegar on them, but that may smell strong. If its winter (well cold) where you are, wear gloves as muc as possible.

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