Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why do some men grow their pinky nails long?

i have met one or two guys in the past who i've noticed have relatively short, manly nails...except for a very long pinky nail on one hand. wtf does this symbolize?Why do some men grow their pinky nails long?
cocaineWhy do some men grow their pinky nails long?
I believe it's some sort of chinese symbol to mean that you have good financial fortune, or that you don't work with your hands.

For non-Chinese people, I think it's just to look ';cool';.
Men use these long pinky nails in order to be able to scoop up a hit of cocaine and snort it quickly without bringing too much attention to themselves.
I know its weird huh me personally i use it for scratching

all my nails are real short so i keep the pinky long for that itch
pinky nails always grow seems like they do cuz they rarely break. but some guys might think its feminine or gay to cut their nails.

my bf had a habit of biting his nails, so his never grew too long lolz.
most it is for picking ex: teeth ears and nose, yes disgusting but its the truth. o and to do drugs
3 words 5 syllables ... snoop-dog and cocaine.
To scoop out the blow for a quick bump.
So they can toot some cocaine really fast. It's sooo nasty and ugly!
to itch their ear with. so they can stick it farther in, my friend did that.
to do cocaine.

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