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How can I fill the holes in my wall (just little ones from nails)?

I'm moving out soon and I need the walls to be back to normal for the sake of my deposit!

I've been told I need poly-filler, but how does it work?How can I fill the holes in my wall (just little ones from nails)?

If they are small, (picture hanging nails), and your walls are can use toothpaste. It will fill the hole nicely and will dry up to be hard. It will blend in well with the walls.

It will even work on most colored walls if the holes are sporadic and the base color of the wall is white. (Off white, eggshell, light yellow, etc.)

Its a little trick used by a lot of people. It wont cost very much and its nothing to take a dab of it and fill the hole.

Good luck.How can I fill the holes in my wall (just little ones from nails)?
bubble gum!!!
yes poly filler it comes in a tube you just push some in the hole and smoth it over i use plastic cards like my necter card
White toothpaste. Not gel type. Also starch, mixed with water to make a paste. . Plaster of paris. Any of these will do, but you have to level them off while wet. if your walls are colored the best you can do is to tint whatever filler you use with food coloring, or maybe wait til it dries and use the tip of a majic marker or fabric marker from Michaels.
Nah fill them in with toothpaste. Just push it in with a pin or a hair grip! You'll have to paint over the hole too if your walls are coloured. It works well enough to fool landlords anyway. I burned a hole in my carpet, which is proving more difficult to conceal...
Buy a tube of ready made stuff, squirt it in the hole then level off. Hey presto with a bit of sanding %26amp; paint you would never know it's there.

It's really easy...give it a go
Polyfilla... great. sort of plaster of paris for walls. Get it as smooth as poss with bank card while wet, then when dry, a slightly damp scouring pad over a slightly wider area....will cause the little bit of polyfilla to get coloured the same as existing . No need to repaint
Yeah polyfiller will do the trick, just fill in the holes, wait for them to dry, sand them over a bit then touch them up with paint. It'll look as good as new =]
I have used drywall compound. Apply conservatively with a putty knife. Wait an hour, then using a slightly damp sponge, rub the hole areas. This leaves the hole filled and the paint undamaged. In most cases you wont need to worry about painting the wall to mask the holes.
Yes Polyifiller will do the job nicely for you. Take a basin, put in a tablespoon fiull of poly and add sufficient water to make a stiff paste. If it is too sloppy, add a little more poly until your paste is like ice-cream. Then take an old dinner knife and press the poly into and over the holes with a sweeping movement of the hand. Leave to dry, about four or five hours should do. Then lightly brush over the site with some medium sandpaper and paint over the same colour as the wall. Bingo, you have vanished the holes.
go to home depot and get one of those all-in-one repair kits for small holes. it has the joint compound and the smoothing tool all in one convenient tube. (the smoothing tool is on the end of the tube.) very inexpensive too
Get a tube of ready made filler and an old credit card or similar card. Put a little on the card and

press it into the hole then scrape it off, easy! good luck, hope you get your deposit back.
its easy just buy it ,it work like magic ,no mixing or calculating how much water to add .make sure your holes are clean ,i mean no oil a putty knife in home depot or hardware store and spreaded it like butter but less to fill the holes after it dries paint over with white primer
Decorators filler will do the job and is also cheaper than polyfiller, it comes in a cartridge -for a cartridge gun. If the holes are deeper than a half inch pack them out with a little cardboard. Put a small amount of the filler on a scrap of wood or card then using a credit card or similar scrape it over the hole aiming to achieve a smooth surface.
buy some filler from a diy shop, or somewhere like wilkinsons and then you just squirt it into the hole and smooth over it, then let it dry. its really easy once you get used to it. if your decorating you'll have to leave it to dry before you put something over it.
you can get this wood putty and just smooth it out over the nail hole and after it's dried put paint over it

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