Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is the best kind of fake nails to get?

I love having my nails look nice, but I hate them constantly chipping and having to go get them done again every week. I would love to get fake ones, but everyone that gets them says that they ruin your real nails, what is the best kind that look really nice, are strong and durable, and will last for a while? Thanks :)What is the best kind of fake nails to get?
Go get UV nails or Acrylic. My mom and sister LOVE the UV but they are a little more expensive. I go with the acrylic because they are cheaper. Just go back every few weeks to get them trimmed and filled in. The easiest way to keep them from damaging your real nails...have them taken off by the same people that put them on. Also if you want your real nails to grow out have them put some acrylic over your real nail with no add on. To take that off just soak your nails in pure acetone (found at Wal-mart, a big bottle runs you $2) for a WHILE. Then use one of those 7 in1 nail buffer things to make your nails look better1What is the best kind of fake nails to get?
They don't ruin your nails, you just need to take a break every once in awhile and let your nails breath ya know. Mine never chip or break off. I just get clear tips, that way I can get them designed or I can get a white tip airbrushed on.

I bought the stuff from Sally's so I can do fill ins myself, jus don't always have the time, they are faster then me lol
nailene ,, i have just had them on and they stick on so well i tried with all my strength to get them off to see how good they were and they wouldnt come off ! recommend !!

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