Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do I stop biting my nails?

I tried Sally Hansen but it just doesn't work for me the hard as nails AND maximum growth I just chew off the color! People with experience PLEASE HELP.How do I stop biting my nails?
What works for me is getting a nice set of acrylic tips done professionally. They are super hard so even if you go to chew through habit you will catch yourself.

If I don't have them I am likely to chew to my elbows.

Treat yourself and get some cute nails.How do I stop biting my nails?
keep your nails nice with weekly manicures.

Keep a thick rubber band on your wrist and pop it everytime you want to bite your nails.

Get a stressball or a smooth rock or a paper clip, everytime you feel that nervousness and want to bite your nails, squeeze the stress ball, or stroke the smooth rock, or bend the paper clip. It will give you another way to channel that nervous energy.
You put nasty tasting stuff on them.. Like clear glue

Or u could just use some Gypsy Tears
They have this special nail polish that is clear but it tastes like water thats been sitting in a cow poo for you put it on and if you bite your nails you get a nasty friend had it and i tried some and i almost threw up.its non-toxic and doesnt smell.i dont knwo where to buy it but i works!!!!!!!
Just put on a new pair of socks on your fingers.It could stop you from that habit.
I don't bite my nails but I heard if you put something on them that tastes bad you won't want to bite them, like jalepano juice or something like that!
get acrylic nails it works
i just got over this. Put really gross nialpolish (not gross color) or nailpolish romover on, it will taste bad so you will stop. And remember, your in charge of your body. when u catch yourself bitng, wack ur hand down
okay my friend has the same problom but i am sure worse.. what she did is dip it in the hottest sauce u can find or like holopinio sauce and then when u bite them it will be hot and u wont do it

Hope it works!!
omg! i totally understand what your goin through, i bite my nails allllllllllllllllllllllllll the time! it's a really hard thing to stop, but i really found that nail polish helps! if u paint your nails, u won't want to like eat the nail polish, so u stop biteing. try to use a color that isn't see through. it's super simple and totally works, trust me, i went through many years of biting my nails! i really hope this helped! :D good lucks!
i chew my nails really bad, except when i get my nails done.

if you dont like the fake square look

they can take the stuff they put over the fake nails, on your real nails, so its kind of like having your nails done, but instead of having a fake nail under neith it, its your real nail, so it looks natural, an keeps you from biting you nails cuz, they will be to hard to bite.

thats the only thing that has stoped me from biting my nails.

or else ask the doctor, I know a girl in one my classes us to have this thing, so she wouldnt bite her nails, Idk excully what it whats, but maybe ask the doctor?
You need to relax. Biting your nails is a sign of nervousness. You have to find something to be busy with your hands. Also get some gum into your mouth to chew on, it will also help your mouth get busy then you won't have to bite your nails.
all you need to do for a no nail biting is gum(keeps you mouth busy), bad tasting polish(nasty stuff), put socks on your hands(no nails to bite) or a great manicure(you just wont want to ruin them).
i recently stopped bibting my nails too it was tough just every time u go to bit ur nails try to stop urself

the have nail stuff that makes your nails stronger and also tastes really really bad
i have the same problem i get my nails done so i wont chew them off try it...
Think of it as ur fingernails as dirty a an toilet seat ( they really r ) and you'll think twice b4 biting them
they have special nailpolish...... that taste bad

or get fake nails, cause you wouldnt want to bite them!
Oh i know get TIPS! and plus you would look fabulous :)
soak ya hands in viniger.
try putting on nail pollish and keep your hand busy!!

Good luck

p.s It worked 4 me

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