Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is it possible to buff your nails too much?

If I first buff away the ridges, can it become painful? Is simply polishing them harmful? How often should I do it?Is it possible to buff your nails too much?
Yes you can buff the too much, if you are using a three way buffer i would use stage one and two only once a month and then the smooth side once a week.

If you buff too much the nail plate can become too weak and break.

The leighton denny three way buffer is great and only costs 拢5,

If buffing doesn't resolve the ridges how about a ridge filler?

You can get these at most beauty shops.Is it possible to buff your nails too much?
I'm not a professional but some buffers are made with gemstone dust like crystal and diamond dust and diamonds are one of the strongest materials in the world to cut things. If you buff more then once every one-two weeks then all that tender skin will be way thin and you could bruise easier from normal pressure also bend. (that includes bending resulting in eventually tearing off and possible bleeding) Or the worst case scenario: you could buff your nail off in places and not even realize it hot water or something that stings gets on your nails.
You can over-buff them and make them thinner and then they will be much more sensitive to hot and cold and breakage. Polishing isn't harmful, just don't pick at the peeling polish, that also chips away at your nails. Buff no more than once every 10 days and polish as often as you like, but use non-acetone polish remover between polish changes.

Follow up: The polishing part of the buffer is fine to use often. (About 2x weekly) If you are looking for additional shine try a little sweet almond oil or cuticle oil between polishings.
dont do it it damages your nails.
It is! I've done it and my nails were brittle! If you are worried you are over buffing, do not buff one nail, and wait a while to see the difference. If the nail you do not buff is a lot stronger then the others, you are over-buffing ( if you don't want to have a finger nail unbuffed, you do have toe nails). To make sure you do not over buff, limit yourself to stopping when your nail starts to feel smooth but it is mostly even surfaced.
Buffing too much will cause your nails to thin and break easier. It also makes it harder for polish to stick to your nails because it doesn't have ridges to sink into. Buff your nails so they feel smoothe but not ultra smoothe..some little ridges. If you want that clean, smoothe look, try using clear base coat first, then applying nail polish. Nail polish isn't harmful but if used too much it does make your nails yellow, because it doesn't allow them to breathe.

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