Friday, January 15, 2010

How can i keep my nails clean?

Okay so i got braces on Monday. And i can't bite my nails. Haha bad habit of mine. And i wach my hands and nails every day but it still tends to get dirty. How can i keep them really clean and looking good?How can i keep my nails clean?
simply you need to be washing your hands more! whats under your nails is on your hands, if you wash them more frequently it wont build up!

over 90% of the germs you encounter on a day to day basis like openng doors... faeces! (poo!)

get a ood cuticle oil like, solar oil (creative nail designs) or revitanails cuticle oil (if you want olive oil! though less effective) oil will stengthen the nails through the matrix which is near your cuticle, when your doing this get a wooden skewer and run the pointy end under your nail close to the bed and scrape out the dirt, you can always shorten them and keep them in your bag with a nail buffer if you ever want to clean them up when your out :)How can i keep my nails clean?
Always keep your nails short. After clipping, always file them round edged nicely. Also trim the cuticle around the nails too. That makes them look well-groomed.

Never bite your nails. That makes the shape look like what they are --been bitten.

If you get your nails dirty from grease, use small nail brush and soap to scrub on the tip side of your fingers.

Hand cream would also make the whole appearance of the hand look good and that would definitely make the nails look good too.

Good luck!
Get a personal manicure kit. they come with a scraper, cuticle tools, filers, clippers, and buffers.

They usually come with instructions on how to use them.

I use to bite my nails and to stop period, I used a manicure kit.
even if I have short or long nails. It still gets dirty than other human nails. i ave palmistry hyperhydriosis. My nails gets dirty easily. I use nail polish to hide the dirt and clean it with a soft cloth.
use a nail brush :) then you can get all the grubby dirt out from under neath and will also buff your nails to make them look smoother :) also why not try that nail polish that tastes horrible, it puts you off chewing them lol!
keep your nails short so dirt doesn't get trapped as easily and when in the shower scrub your head with your finger nails when applying shampoo, it may sound gross but i gets the dirt out.

good luck!
buy some hand and nail creme

they are sold in most stores like superdrug and boots theyre not particularly hard to find

good luck x
They have nail cleaners out there, they have a point at the end to get behind your nail, but it isn't sharp so it's safe =]
Hand Sanitizer.
Just clean them.. not much more you can do..
frequent washing
try buying a nail brush. they are small brushes that get under your nail and cleans them!

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