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My dog seems to bite her nails on her front paws alot. What does this mean?

She seems to bite her nails alot at night. Could she have soem type of worms or is it just a habit some dogs have? What can I do to make her stop?My dog seems to bite her nails on her front paws alot. What does this mean?
We foster Basset Hounds for Sun Coast Basset, and I've had two that experienced similar symptoms. Turned out to be an allergy to a plant that was pollinating at that particular time. Treated it with a topical solution, Benedryl gel, had very good results.My dog seems to bite her nails on her front paws alot. What does this mean?
my dog does it all the time for years it is allergies and your dog need meds.
I would say that it is either her nails bothering her, or her nerves, but also one time my dog did that and we found a fox tail stuck in her pay, between the paw. So look at the paw and see if there is something in there that is bothering her.
I don't know about any kind of worms or anything.

One of my labs does that a lot when he is ready for his nails to be cut. He is very lazy and doesn't move around enough to keep his own nails trim.

Anyway, it could just be a habit or s/thing could be bothering her.

I would ask the vet if you are very concerned though
Worms are not the problem - yet. Fleas are more likely - which can lead to tapeworm. Or she could be developing a bad nervous habit.

Check between her toe pads for any signs of bites, allergic sores or injury.

If you don't see a problem, do everything you can to put an end to this. Licking can become a very ingrained habit that will literally lead to self-mutilation and infection.

You can buy bitter spray and other deterrents at the pet store.
give her back her ciggarettes and dont let her have coffee after dinner
sometimes dogs have bad habits, maybe nerves just like we do, could be allergies as well.

ask your vet, hopefully he can find the problem, ususally it takes some time, patience and a new routine to figure it out.
It's either her nails are too long and bothering her or she is having an allergic reaction to a food or something else. My dog has to have grain-free dog food or she bites her paws till they bleed from an allergic reaction. Their paws are the first place that is effected when they are allergic to something. Consider switching the dog food to a grain-free (the main cause of allergic reactions from dog food is grains). It could also be seasonal allergies. I would take her to the vet to figure out what kind of allergy it is.
She could have ringworm or a hot spot. Does she have fleas? That would be the first guess. If not, take her to the vet.
it means you need to see if the nails are too long. my dogs will bite their nails if i don't clip them regularly.
Do you clip your dogs nails? If so - what sort of clippers do you use?

If you use people clippers or dull pet clippers, you might be squishing the nail a little when you cut them, causing them to fray. She could just be chewing off the splayed pieces of nail.

Just like a hang nail for a person can get caught on fabric - if you have carpet - these frayed pieces can get caught on a dog's nails too. Only they walk on all fours - and fours toes per foot can be a terrible annoyance.

She's just keeping up with her maintenance.

On the other hand, if you DON'T clip her nails - then she's probably trying to give you a (not so) subtle hint.
my dog does the same thing dont think there is anything wrong however i do think its incredibly clever
that your dog likes to bite its nails.
I can't believe the amount of bad advice people give on here. NERVES??? Are you KIDDING ME???

This is the number one sign for allergies in dogs. Get your dog tested for allergies. It can probably be corrected by changing your dog's food.
Is she biting her nails or just chewing between her toes or chewing her toes? she might have allergies to food or to the outside. My mothers dog chewed her toes constantly turns out she had food allergies. Try giving your dog one benedryl caplet and see if this helps to relieve the itch. If this stops her then you have just found out she has allergies. Next step is take her to the vet to find out exactly what she's illergic to.

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