Friday, January 15, 2010

Im trying to grow my nails but there so soft and weak?

Im 15 and my nails are really soft. Everytime i try to grow them they break so easily. I can literally push them down and they move to my skin. Is this an age thing? When i get older will they get harder? I have been using a L'oreal nail hardener (can't remember what its called) every day for 4 days so far, will this work? Are there any more tips to help my nails become harder? Thanks.Im trying to grow my nails but there so soft and weak?
Yes that will help, but I think that avon's strong results is better personally.

Try taking the hair, skin and nails supplements that are available at most drug stores, they help to toughen them up a bit.

Hope this helps.

XIm trying to grow my nails but there so soft and weak?
Using a nail strengthener/hardener will help. It make take a while - about 2-3 weeks befor eyou start to see a real difference. Continue using the hardener as a base coat once you start using color on your nails. It will help them grow, but you have to be patient.
hiya mine was like that, then someone answered my question on here about week nail.they said take a teaspoon of olive oil in the mornings.i did that,and after 2 weeks,i have got nice long strong nails.i still take the olive oil,but i suppose i could stop it now.but i will not stop taking it as it is doing me more good.
I dont know.. im always trying to grow my nails- but they peel and flake easily (although i know theyre not dry, i dont know why they do it)

I find whenever i put nail varnish on they're fine, but when i dont have any on they tend to break and go weak x
Sounds like a dietary issue! You need more calcium, protein and vitamin E. Perhaps a multivitamin would be a good idea alongside a more varied diet.

We get bored of hearing this advice but you'll see the improvements.
Eat jello. The gelatin will help strengthen your nails. (Good for your hair too). Once they start growing out, use a clear polish like ';hard as nails';, it will help keep them strong while they are growing without the tacky colour :)
avon strong results got my toe nails harder

i hate my nails they grow too quick#

i dont think its an age thing my nails were fien at 15

my cousins werent she bit hers as a child they were never lnog and when she managed to grow them they were thin
fish oil

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