Friday, January 15, 2010

How should I do my nails for this event?

I'm going to be modeling clothes tomorrow, and I need to know if I should do my nails with a clear glossy polish, or do french nails? I don't want my nails to distract attention away from my outfits, so should I do clear or french? Thanks so much in advance.How should I do my nails for this event?
glossy;;you wouldn't want to be distracting away from the clothes.How should I do my nails for this event?
french nails dont distract unless you got really really long nails. do a french manicure. i am a hair and makeup artist and i work on alot of fashion shows and photo shoots as my job and you cant even see the nails if anything a french manicure will compliment the entire look. i know alot of models that get their nails done with white french tips on a regular basis and it look fine.
Although french tips are very elegant and look great when you have a formal party to attend, if you are looking for a simple and timeless style, I would go with a clear top coat. OPI has a great long lasting one. Good luck!

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