Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do I make my nails grow longer?

I just want to know what to put on my nails to make them grow longer cuz i have them kinda short. If you know, please tell me. Thanks...How do I make my nails grow longer?
well the fastest way to grow you nails longer is to go to the store and in the beauty isle there should be a clear bottle of nail oil. you put it on every day %26amp; from the first time you put it on it will start to make your nails longer and healthier.

it works because i could never get my nails long but i started using it and it worked! it's awesomeHow do I make my nails grow longer?
oh well if you take biotin pills they'll make your hair and nails grow faster and longer. oh and drink lots of water. you could also take prenatal vitamins but since your a guy (from your avatar) i bet that would be pretty awkward (though funny) to go to your nearest Walgreens and buy prenatal vitamins lol imagine the look on the cashiers face xD

but biotin pills (can find them at any nutrition Vitamin World) work pretty well.
first of all, dont bite your nails(if you do), if you must, file them.

you can go to your local drug store and in the nail polish section they will probably have a nail hardener to make your nails stronger so they wont break as easily or a nail growth polish to help them grow, they will most likely be clear too
Stick your fingers up your nose as much as possible.
Nails grow 20% faster if you have the flu. So....catch the flu.
go to walmart and get nutra nail with green tea. it will make them very long.
eat lots of onion.
um idk keep your self from bitting them and put lotion on them evey day

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