Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Can I Get My Nails To Grow Really Fast?

I pick and bite my nails all the time, I usually get acrylic nails but it is expensive and I am really sick of it, I want real nails but I cant seem to let them grow. I pick them all off, is there anything that can make my nails grow really fast, like really long in a couple of days, because I have no control and can't not pick them, help please.How Can I Get My Nails To Grow Really Fast?
The only thing that will stop you from biting and picking at your nails is total diligence - you have to be aware of every time and situation in which you bite your nails. Keep a nail file or nail clipper handy at all times to get rid of any snags along the nail that tempt you to start biting. Whenever you notice your hands moving towards your mouth, make sure that you consciously stop, think about the moment, and find something else to do. If you do this regularly, over a period of 2 months, your new habit will become NOT biting your nails, and then you just have to maintain your new and improved habit. You should also be very faithful about using hand lotion, applying it after every time you are in contact with water and before bed, so that the moisture can penetrate all night long. Unfortunately you will not have them long withing a couple of days (don't we wish!), but in a couple of days, you will see that your nails and fingers look healthy, and that will give you some encouragement to keep trying. Good luck!How Can I Get My Nails To Grow Really Fast?
You're nails cannot grow really long in a couple of days. You just need to have some willpower and let them grow, then when they are long (takes about 2-3 weeks) you'll love you're nails so you won't want to bite them anymore.
Drink a lot of milk and meal down on some cheese. Hit the dairy products hard and you will notice results quickly. I am serious.
quit chewing and use nail hardner
Take Gelatin capsules, they work very well!
A good healthy balanced diet helps. Taking a multi-vitamin too. My nails grew like wildfire during pregnancy but don't go that far for nails unless you want the whole, adorable package at the end. :)
I really dont know and i wish i could grow my nails too! I have had that habit for as long as i can remember! Try hypnosis and tell me if it works!
Sally Hensens has nail polish for that. Check them otu at a beauty supply sotre
rub ure nails together
no i dont sorry
Unfortunately, there is no quick fix so that you can have long nails overnight. You just have to be patient. You can buy nail varnish that have a really bad so it puts you off from biting them. And, when you feel that they are just starting to grow, paint them a nice colour, that way you won't want to ruin the look so you won't want to bite them. I used to bite my nails up until I was about 7/8 years old, and now I get compliments all the time for having nice nails! Good Luck

BTW, if you find that your nails feel weak when they are longer, try nail varnishes that harden your nails, and fix brittle nails.

I bite my nails too!!

I have nearly got my nails back on track tho, i used this nail polish- 'Stop n Grow' it tastes gross and so u stop biting them!!

Good Luck!
neutra nails, or nutra nails, go to the farmacy
well one stop picking them...JUST STOP....every time you catch yourself about to, slap your own hand! Then take vitamin E it helps nails and hair growth.
Use nail varnish if you want to stop biting them. Sally Hansen has Instant Nail Growth polish that works well - try that. Your nails will be stronger and healthier than ever before - I've used it once. It was good.

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