Sunday, January 17, 2010

How can I make my nails grow longer?

I've used Sally Hansen and stuff like that...but is there a good way to make my nails harder and longer without waiting 2 months?How can I make my nails grow longer?
Besides the nail polish, Eating gelatin and taking a multivitamin is a good way to build up strength and length. Prenatal vitamins are a great multivitamin that will make everything grow, hair and nails. Make sure you file your nails regularly to prevent snags and tears. DO NOT WEAR FAKE NAILS.... THEY WILL GROW BUT THEY WILL BE WEAK AND BREAK EASILYHow can I make my nails grow longer?
Just Put On Bright Nail Varnish On WeekEnds 2 Warn Not 2 Bite%26amp;Clear Nail varnish On Skool Days

Cos It Strenghtens Nails %26amp; Lks Good Hopee Dis Helps I Am Nail Biter Ma Self I Grown Them 4 2 Mths Which Waz Good But Bit Them All Anyways Cya

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I also have a hard time growing my nails, but my mother-in-law's sister gave me a polish called ';Nailtiques'; which is a nail protein, and it made my nails grow real fast and stronger!! You don't have to remove the nail polish either, you're supposed to just reapply the polish three times a week right over the other layer! It really works! I love it!
Well they have that nail polish that is clear and taste bad (if you bite your nails) so it prevents it

if you have tried that putting band-aids on every nail works too

If you do bite them ,just when your about to, resist and reward yourself with something every time...

sorry if im not a big help :/
Now this is gonna sound sooo crazy but I have found a 100% proven method to growing your nails. I have noticed my nails grow faster when I wash dishes ,crazy huh? Check this out the warm water being used stimulates the growth thus increasing growth speed.
Just file them so they are a nice shape and then let them grow for like a week, then they will start looking like a models hand.

That's what I did
nope well maybe fake nails want the real thing your going to have to wait it out until 2 months=( i know it sucks ive tryed everything
the best way i find its to wear fake nails bcos the glue strengthens them and makes them grow quicker

also try wear just clear nail polish x
Sounds weird, but, take pre-natal vitamins, it will make your hair grow faster too :)

Special nail polishes do that. Go to a store like Walmart or Target and look there. TRUST MEEEEE
Eat gelatin... this will promote nail growth.
eat protein

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