Friday, January 15, 2010

How do I get acrylic nails off?

I got them done in february and they still wont come off and there growing at a snails pace. The hurt to pull and its taking the nails underneath off as well. I need something affordable but that will soak them and thell pop off with absolutly no pain possible.How do I get acrylic nails off?
Soak them in Acetone, put a couple of marbles in the bottom and roll them around with your fingers, don't forget to put a hand towel over the top of the dish you have your hands in, as to keep in the heat. If you try to pull them off you can damage your real nails terribly.How do I get acrylic nails off?
you could try nail polish remover--the kind WITH acetone in it

it should eat away at them and make them soft enough to pull off. that's what it does to those ones you can buy and put on yourself

Just make sure you have a good hand %26amp; nail cream to put on after because it will dry your skin
ouchhh :/ but the way everyone usually does it is goes too the nail place and gets them taken off every body knows that lol. but if you dont wanna go too the lace too get them taken off them try soaking them in hott water for a while (: but i suggest u go too the palce and get them taken off for you the easier way :)
Soak them in acetone
soak them in acetone

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