Friday, January 15, 2010

How can I grow my nails?

I tried so many things to grow my nails. Only eating/drinking more protein has worked and even with that my nails do not grow much. Give tips/products to grow them. ThanksHow can I grow my nails?
man, growing nails can be a pain. there are so many thing on the market like creams, varnishes, serums etc but i can say they will not work on their on, nails are high maintenance. if you want strong nails so they can grow you must eat a healthy diet with plenty of calcium and fruits. i found a website with some useful little tricks that you can do on a daily basis which will not cost you that much in the long run: (鈥?/a>

if you soak your hands in water too much, like washing dishes, bite around your nails or pick at your cuticles, this may damage your nails more than you think. also nails are like hair, a regular trim means only the healthy bits stay on and you are encouraging them to grow. i suggest you file them with a good nail filer but file in one directon and not from side to side. Orly does great nail products, from nail care to presentation ( oh and remember the hand you write with tends to grow nails faster so don't forget to keep fingernails on either hand the same length. Good luck!How can I grow my nails?
Always carry your file with yourself,it's the first thing you ought to do to achieve your nails to look nice.Second thing is to almost always have nail polish on them.And I used one receipt after what my nails were very strong: put in a dish little water and mix with it one spoon of solt,when solt melts put your nails in it for about 10minutes.Do this 2 times a week.
Dont bite them

more protiens

and wawa

to make your hair grow brush it 100 times in morning and nigh in th same spot then got to the next spot and brush 100 times
Use those nail polishes you can buy at your local walmart or walgreens.

Find one that helps your nails grow.

My aunt, she gets her nails done so that if her nail breaks, it's not her real nail breaking.

Since the fake nails are so strong sometimes, you're more likely to not break your real nails.
everytime there seems like a piece of nail wants to come off, the use a file to sand it down. keep a file where ever you go to catch nails that want to come off. also start wearing nail polish they can protect nails from peeling off.

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