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What is the best way to break the habit of biting your nails?!?

I've had the habit of biting my nails for a very long time. What is the best way of breaking that habit?!What is the best way to break the habit of biting your nails?!?
I had a nail biting habit too. Actually, I picked at my nails, but all the same.

I broke the habit by wearing nail polish, and when i wanted to pick at my nails, I just picked at the polish instead. Now I have dangerously long nails (so my friends say, from all the times I have accidentally scratched them).

I have also heard that if you put some sort of nasty tasting substance on your fingers, you will spit them out and not bite. I personally like the taste of lemons and hot sauce, but one time I was taking off some of my polish and I did not put any new polish on, but left it natural. Well anyway, an hour later I was trying to think so I put my fingertip into my mouth, and it tasted so awful!

So try nail polish if you have the urge to pick at your nails, and nail polish remover if you have the urge to bite you nails.

Hope I helped you out! =]]What is the best way to break the habit of biting your nails?!?
I bite my nails too, and i found there's no way of breaking this habit. Haha. I'm sorry, but it's true. I've tried everything.

People have told me to, always have on nail polish.. even if its clear, so when you bite your nails it will taste bad.

Also, clipping your nails to short to bite them, then eventually you can grow them out, and the habit will be broken.

Nothing works though for me.

You could learn to play the guitar then use the excuse:

';i have to have short nails because i play the guitar';

Haha, Goodluck.

I hope you find something that works for youuu. :)
I heard there's a special nail polish that has an unpleasant taste and if you put that on your nails, every time you bite them, it tastes bad and after some time you just stop doing that. Ask for it at chemist's.
i use to bite mine too, and none of that stuff the other people said works.

what i did to stop was went to a nail salon and got my nails done with fake ones, they looked really pretty. i didnt want to chew on them or anything bc they looked so much better then my nasty chewed up nails. and the nail prevented me from chewing. i kept getting them balanced, or redone for about three months. i didnt seem to get the urge to bite anymore, so i took them off just to see. and waa laa. i didnt bite anymore. my nails look soo much better now.

good luck dear. (:

i hope this helped, and you can stop too.
There are 2 things that you can do.

1. Get manicures every week, or give yourself a full manicure every week. Polish them. That is how I stopped biting my nails. I didn't want to ruin all the work I had put into them.

2. Get acrylic nails. I have helped a number a nail biters over the years by putting acrylic nails on them.
Get a cold sore. lmao. honestly though, ive been biting my nails my entire life, and ive only recently quit because i had my first cold sore that lasted 2 weeks, so I wasnt able to put my fingers around my lips for a long time, and once it was gone, i just didnt feel the need to bite them anymore lol
umm...the best way is to buy some stop-bite, it tastes really awful, so that you don't bite your nails anymore, until you just get used to not biting you're nails, you can buy it from nearly any chemist...there's another one nearly exactly the same called stop n's just as good :)
that the most hardest habit every to break i bite my nail when i was young and i just had to make my self quick it was so so so hard to do but u can do it it is possible but it really hard
You could get some nail polish that tastes bad and put it on. You could also wear gloves but i dont think its a good idea. Distract your mouth and hands. Also you could get manicures at times to remind youself not to bite.

Put nasty tasting nail polish remover on the tips of your nails..

That might work..



Keep your hands as busy as possible so you wont think about biting your nail..

And you could try wearing gloves...
i did for my whole life

and then my new girlfriend just got me stop

idk, she just really wanted me to, and i guess i was motivated enough and did

it really is a choice
Everytime you go to bite them, just remind yourself not to. I stopped pretty easily once I decided I wanted to.
crunch on apples.

My friend recently stopped crunching on ice, and this helped her a lot. Its a similiar sensation, lol.
the best way would be to get yourself a super cute manicure (with acrylic nails). my friend had the same problem until she got one and she has not bitten her nails since. .trust.
I'd try either cutting them short or dipping them in something nasty tasting, like vinegar.
chewing gum 247,

Na jokes.

don't grow your nails long or try putting something that you really hate on the tip of your nails, such as chili!
Wear gloves, put something nasty under them so when you bite you taste it and stop, cut them really short so you cant bite them. idk
they had nail polish that's clear and when you bit your nails it gives off a bad taste. you should give that a try.
by pokeing your nose
Buy some chewing gum and chew all day
get fake nails it will last u 2-3 weeks w.o biting ur nails
cut them with nail clippers
put chili or soap in them
If you put Pepper on the tips of ur will make you want to stop biting them.

Hope i helped!


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