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Does anyone know an effective way to strengthen your finger nails after removing acrylic nails?

I took off the acrylics yesterday %26amp; now my nails are really weak %26amp; look terribleDoes anyone know an effective way to strengthen your finger nails after removing acrylic nails?
I would like to know.Does anyone know an effective way to strengthen your finger nails after removing acrylic nails?
eat jello
sally hansons hard as nails one coat nail varnish
use sally hansen nail polish. I think its called ';Strength and Repair';. Anyway, the polish looks purple in the bottle, but goes on clear, and makes them look nice. You can find it at CVS and Walgreens, etc....
If you are in the UK try;

Maximum Growth

by Sally Hansen

It comes like a pen, with a brush top, you screw the pen and it releases a drop of this ointment each time. You brush it on the cuticles and the nails. It contains a high dose of nutrients for the nails. IMO, it truely is miracolous. For years my nails never grew...and a friend recommended it, after 3 weeks I had long strong nails.

What i like about it is that it dries up, and it looks like you have nothing on your nails at shine! In fact to get proper use from this product , your nails need to be clean of varnish so as they can absorb it.

Mind you I am in the UK.....I just bought it in a local Pharmacy. I think it's a French Product though.

Failing that, you should just rub in any vegetable oil, apparently!
drink milk-

take vitamins
If you just pulled them off by yourself, go to Long's and get a buffer and buff your nails so they don't look so bad, then get some nail hardener, it will help your nails be stronger and not as brittle.
Use mystic clear nail polish twice a day. But you just have to wait till they grow out.
I'm Guessing Putting Clear Nail Polish And Don't Put Acrylic Nails For A Very Long While.
Get some clear nail polish nails strengthener. Apply it a few times a day. It is also called nail hardener.
I'm not sure if this will strengthen your nails, but it will make them healthier. Find some vitamin E oil and massage it into each and every one of your finger nails.
NO, the nails have to grow all the way out, cut them down as low as you can. This could take months. I had them for 4 years and it took 6 months before my real nails would stay grown and not break easily. The problem is the fake ones damage the matrix and it takes time to repair even if you put creams and stuff on them.
theres this special nail polish

if you go to any drug store or nail salon theyll show it to you
OPI Nail Envy - original.

The BEST stuff! I wouldn't be without it. It goes on %26amp; comes off just like regular nail polish.

It can't fix the nails you've damaged with the acrylic but it can add strength and support to them so they're not so weak. Keep them trimmed very short until the good nail part starts to grow out. I like it so much I just kept using it. Haven't needed acrylics for years now because of OPI.
witchcraft nail hardener is good
You may need to cut them down and allow them to grow back stronger. Acrylics are really bad for your nails (but look really nice, I know). I would suggest cutting them down and applying a harder like ';hard as nails'; by sally hansen or go to the local beauty supply store and ask what the best nail hardner is. Overall, just try not to pick at them or they will peel and give it time. They will toughen back up on their own. Good Luck
pinch them on raw garlic cloves... u can do it everyday till u see a difference. im not sure what, but there's something in raw garlic that makes the nails stronger. just be patient cuz results usually shows after a few months.
Thats happened to me before and i used OPI Nail Treatments Nail Envy and it worked really well.
Sally's Nail Strengthener
lota polish

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