Monday, May 10, 2010

What's a good product that keeps nails from chipping?

I work in a restaurant, and what really breaks my nails is the steel wool I use when I scrub dishes sometimes, among other things.

I keep them filed and buffed and well kept, so it makes me sad when they chip. I know you can get something done to them at a salon to keep them from chipping, but I'd rather not have anything stuck onto them.

Anyway, if you know of any nail strengthener or tricks to keep them more or less chip-free, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!What's a good product that keeps nails from chipping?
I use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength

Instant Nail Hardener. Works pretty well for me.

Good luck :]What's a good product that keeps nails from chipping?
i used Nutra Nail and it worked great for me. The key is to work with your nails every day. Some times filing the nail can cause them to chip and break. If you file your nails a lot it can cause them to be thin in places which can can cause chipping and breaking. Sally Hansen also has a lot of good products. Right now I am using her Diamond Collection. It is more expensive than the Nutra Nail. Try applying a fresh coat at least every other day and keep your cuticles pushed back. I have found it I don't keep my nails polished, they will break. GOOD LUCK.

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