Monday, May 10, 2010

What can I use to get my nails beautiful and strong?

My nails will grow nice but I do so much cleaning that they get weak and break what can I use to keep them strong?What can I use to get my nails beautiful and strong?
Nail cream or nail oil will help keep them from becoming brittle.

You can use Vaseline or plain Chapstick/lip balm to create a water barrier.

For nail oil, you can use OPI Avoplex, Solar Oil, vitamin E oil, olive oil or jojoba oil (Desert Essence available @ Trader Joe's, Whole Foods).

I prefer jojoba oil because I can use it as a leave in conditioner for my hair too.What can I use to get my nails beautiful and strong?
eat lots of jello. i know it sounds weird.

but jello has bone marrow in it, which helps the growth of your hair and nails.

it makes them stronger and they will grow faster.

Eat food rich in the vitamin B biotin which is required for the growth of nails. Peanuts, egg yolk, mushroom, bananas, cauliflower contain Vitamin B. Fresh carrot juice contains calcium and phosphorus required for stronger nails. More cheap and natural remedies for nail care atthe link below.
There is a supplement at the pharmacies and healthfood stores called Rutin. Makes nails good and strong.
Eat Jello.
ask a person at the counter in a nail and or beauty shop
Use Nailtiques. They make a few different kinds depending on what your problem is. It makes your nails really strong if you use it regularly. They sell it at salons and beauty supply stores, sometimes in drug stores like Longs or Walgreens.

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