Monday, May 10, 2010

How often do you clip a dogs nails?

I have a very large German Shephard/Border Collie mix beautiful boy. He runs alot in our backyard, but I don't think the grass would wear down his nails. Any ideas on how often??How often do you clip a dogs nails?
I have a 75 pound Golden mix. I trim her nails once a month, the same day that she gets her heartworm/flea control drops.How often do you clip a dogs nails?
Nails should be clipped once every 2 wks to prevent the quick from growing. The longer the nail grows so does the blood vessel inside the nail, you can't cut back past the quick.

Ears should be cleaned once a week, teeth should be brushed 3-5 times a week and bath once every 8-12 wks.

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It really depends on the individual dog and what you can handle too. I recommend *at least* once a month so that it is routine. Ideally I prefer to do my hounds weekly, so that they are kept short and I don't have to take much off, and it's done so often that they don't think anything of it.

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go to a vet.
i clip my dog's nail once a month after i gave them baths.

if you notice that their nails started to curl and when they stand on their 4 paws it looks like it separated then that's the time you need to clip it.
it is best to clip your dogs nails once a month, better though, every other week. you may find using a dremel with a sanding drum useful, just remember not to hold it on the nail the whole time, friction makes it feel hot, just tap the nail until you think it has been ground down enough
You should clip your dogs nails as soon as you notice them getting long and starting to somewhat curl under. If their nails get too long it becomes painful for them to walk, as well as difficult for them to walk steadily on bare floors. Also, if they go uncut long enough they will begin breaking off and possibly be in worse shape than before. Your vet should be able to trim them for you, but your best bet may be for you to do them yourself, since your cost would be less and your dog might feel more comfortable with you than anyone else.

Good Luck!
Maybe go to a groomer or a vet.
They have dog clippers at Petsmart, Petco, places like that. You clip dog nails just like regular nails, about every 2 months.
Dogs need their nails clipped and filed on a regular basis, usually every 3 to 4 weeks.
well i clip my dogs nails once every two weeks
I would say every couple of weeks

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