Monday, May 10, 2010

How do I get rid of discolored nails on hands and feet?

my nails on hands and feet are discolored, I am a very clean person and this has happened within the past few months. I have tried some creams from the store but nothing seems to have any kind of effect. What product over the counter can work best for my nails.How do I get rid of discolored nails on hands and feet?
peroxide and bakind soda will help. it will fizz and get bubbly...mix a small amount, about a teaspoon of baking soda into a few onces of the peroxide and dip your nails in. If this dosen't work, you may need an anti fungal pill or cream from your doctor. Lemon juice may also help. let me know how it works for you!How do I get rid of discolored nails on hands and feet?
May be a fungus - check w/your doctor for proper meds to clear it up. OTC products are pretty useless in these cases.
it could be a fungus. if it is, buy some tea trea oil from trader joe's or some health food place [the stuff from walmart has other oils in it], and soak your nails in it for an hour or so. then, continue to put it one your nails in the morning and at night. that should wipe it out if it's a fungus.

if it's not, you probably have a mineral deficiency. you might try going to a vitamin store. the people there should be able to help you find something that will give your nails what they need to be healthy.
Not enough detail for this nail tech... are you on any kinds of medicines? have you caused with some home decor such as painting or staining? cant really tell you without more detail. On toes nails tend to get discolored because over time without base coat used before nail color polishes it tends to stain the nail if polishes are left on continually. My toes never go without polish and are stained from it. Your finger nails could but not likely since hands are less likely to keep polish on them with washing and cleaning so much.
First a temporary relief.

Apply nail coloured polish so that u gain some confidence.

Check if u have any allergy. u may have have taken some medicines in the past.

Have a good diet.

Soak your legs in (bearble) hot water with rock salt added.

Try applying anti-bacterial %26amp; anti-fungal drops on the lower edge of the nail where it touches the skin, morning and evening for a week.

If this does not work check with ur doctor.

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