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When building a wood deck is it best to use screws or nails on the flooring?

I have seen both and the ones with screws looked better and more stable. However, I just got a quote from a contractor and he said he would use nails because of the holes the screws leave when countersunk. I don't know why that would be a problem and the ones I saw were flush with the flooring. Anybody have any experience with this???When building a wood deck is it best to use screws or nails on the flooring?
It depends on the wood as well as if it's free standing or not. Screws the galvanized ones are great. If you don't want to see any screw holes you can possibly use the biscuit/groove technique. It gives it more the look of a porch with no visible holes of course. You need to think about bolts as well (lag/true).

I like the info provided at for my projects.When building a wood deck is it best to use screws or nails on the flooring?
Screws do hold better but are more visible than small head galvanized nails...I've used them with no problem of popping up as long as they are fairly long to grip well...2 1/2 inch or better work good and I like the fact that they are not so visible. Ring shank nails work well also and resist popping much better. Any ones that do pop can be reset with a nail set. It's a judgement call on aesthetics.
Yes,use screws they will not pop up like nails can sometimes do.As for stabitly it is about the same but less worry down the road.
Screws are more stable. More time consuming.

Nails will eventually rise. Easier/faster work.
Use screws

Even if cost if more

Pays in the long run

Use good quality screws too

Also, if have to replace a piece of wood in future, easier to remove the screws than nails

Good luck...
Yes, use galvanized deck screws. Your contractor is looking to cut costs. Also, nails can come loose.
I asked my husband for this one, and he rekons screws hold better, but nails into the joints at an angle would also make it stronger.

Hope this helps.
Lets just say screws take longer to use. They do hold better. When the wood gets wet then expands the nails pull out. when the wood shrinks the nails don't go back in on there own. The guy has a nail gun and it is supper fast. He will tell you anything to use it.
use galvanised screws my friend. sounds to me like your contractor may be looking to save money. beware builders of this kind! you have been warned.
Screws, else you will be dealing with nail pops. No one likes to jag their foot on a nail pop. Your contractor is making excuses because nails are faster to install.
Insist on the screws. Nails will ALWAYS pop up eventually. Nails are just much, much faster to use. That's the only advantage they have over screws. I'd get another quote too, if he's willing to scrimp on this and telling you something that isn't true then how good of a job can you expect him to do on the framing. Most good contractors can give you two quotes, one for nails and one for screws. I always use screws unless someone REALLY wants to cut costs and then I make sure it's really clear in the contract that the homeowner insisted on nails and that I can't warranty against nail pops. Why trust a contractor that's already lied to you before he even starts?
I am not a builder but my husband is so I asked him.

Screws, always screws.

That is what he told me to say. x
.i wood go with the decking screws looks better, if you want to remove a board you can.and it pulls the boards closer with nails it can pop out , and the nail rust ,hard to remove board

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