Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do you strengthen brittle nails?

My nails break easily and I can never get it to grow long because it is always cracking and breaking. Do you have any suggestions?How do you strengthen brittle nails?
Eat Jello or take gelatin caplets, available anywhere. Also helps give full lustrous hair.How do you strengthen brittle nails?

calciun sandoz chew twice everyday

orange jiuce and other fruit

try having smooth and small nails i like it by the way
You lack calcium so increase the intake to 1000mg per day. Try eating gelatine powder. You can make a jelly of milk and gelatine.
Jello is very good for nails %26amp; hair
You need more calcium.
There is a clear nail polish called NAILTIQUE..its amazing! I had the same problem and now the problem is gone!
Ever since I started taking a calcium supplement, I noticed that my nails became healthier and did my hair. There are also various nail strengtheners out there that you could put on your nails. Hope that this helps.

Good luck!
Make sure you're eating a healthy diet with plenty of protein. Take biotin as a dietary supplement (available in vitamin aisle), as well as calcium and Vitamin E. Keep your nails filed in a somewhat rounded/oval shape rather than too pointy or too squared off. Keep them painted with a coat of strengthening nail polish and be sure not to bite them.

You might also have your physician run a blood test and make sure you're not suffering from anemia or thyroid problems. Brittle nails could be a symptom of hormonal problems or some insufficiency in your diet.
eat raw jelly cubes they do the trick you will have well strong nails in a couple of weeks
Hey i have the same problem with my nails and someone told me awhile ago (this may seem weird) but if you make jello and let it cool but not set and drink it it will strengthen your nails and it has worked for me i can finally grow my nails long and they don't break!

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