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What is a right age for a girl to start painting her nails?

My aunt wasn't happy when I gave her daughter (my cousin) a pack of nail polish, so she made her give it back to me. My cousin is 8 years old and my aunt thinks she is too young that she should wait until 13. Is my aunt overreacting?

What do you guys think? When do you think is the right age for a girl to start painting her nails?What is a right age for a girl to start painting her nails?
She is WAY overreacting. My mom painted my nails when I was 4 YEARS OLD. And this isn't coming from a girl who's mother is loose and just lets me do whatever I want, either. My mom is very strict, and extremely traditional. I suggest talking to your aunt about this, and reasoning with her.What is a right age for a girl to start painting her nails?
Under supervision I allowed my daughter to paint her nails and toe nails. She was 4 or 5 years old when her curiosity got the best of her and she experimented with the polish and makeup. I did allow her to wear light colors when she was really young and moved to brighter colors when she got to be around 13 or so. I found out two things about this scenario; first it eliminated any disagreements between mother and daughter, we both ended up happy and it taught her good hygiene. Keeping hands clean is very important in our daily routines. Hoped this helped!
Well, your aunt has all the right to make he rown desisions, so I can't judge her but here's my opinion:

I've been wearing nail polish since I could remember. It's not bad- they make pinks and cute stuff for younger kids. When I was 5 I wore it, but not like a purple.

Makeup, I understand. I didn't wear heavy eyeliner, or anything like that until I was upper 12 or 13. Yet, I wore lip gloss for a long time.

So, if it's light, I would think it's okay but you can't be upset at your aunt!
i saw a little girl that was no older the 12 months old at church!

and she wasn't picking at the polish so i say she has had her nails painted before i say if they will keep it on their fingers the can have them painted but it is a really bright color i say the need to wait but if it was like a pale pink or a light color i say cool
Obviously your aunt is a little more uptight then others, and it is her daughter.

But I don't think it's a bad idea for her to be painting her nails.

Make up isn't good yet, I dont think, but nail polish is harmless...

Just keep the remover away from her.
I feel that girls look good with natural trimmed nails, unless your nails are in a very bad shape. You should delay it for as long as possible because no matter what, nail paints do harm your natural look. However girls below 16 look terrible with nail paints. Even older women with their designer nails look tacky to most men, French manicure if however the best option but again only once you are 16 to 18+
one time in pre k i went to my school, it was a private

catholic one, with red nails and the teacher was all

';oh my gah you cant be doing that.';

and my mom was like, wtf are you talking about lady.


my even niece likes getting her nails painted and shes only two xD

so its not a big deal or needs a required age.

ur aunt is over reacting ive worn nail polish since i was 4 but its how ur aunt wants to raise her child so just let her do something dat she wants to raise her daughter and dere is no right age but i advise if u ever hav a daughter den try at 4 bcz dey r li but dey r grls ya know besides i paint my cuzs nails and shes 4 hahahaha it comes from de family
I think 8 is fine. My 6 year old sister already likes to play with nail polish and the rest of my makeup. It kinda stinks, but it keeps her entertained. Your aunt isn't overreacting, she just has her own beliefs on the subject I suppose. It's not that big of a deal, so just drop it. :))
I was painting mine when I was about three, and before that I had people painting them for me... =/

There is no certain age a kid should start painting her nails at, it's not like you were giving her a thong or anything.

Well I think you should always ask. As a parent we all have different rules and others should respect them. I think I would allow my daughter to polish her nails when she is 12. You should just talk to your aunt and ask her what age she thinks your cousin should paint her nails.
umm ha ha yea she is for sure over reacting. i dont think it matters how old you are, sure when youre younger they tend to look like you have downs when you paint them lol but im 18 and they still look like that sometimes lol it doesnt matter some parents are just crazy about things like that
Yes, she is way overreacting. I'm 13 right now, and i started painting my nails at around age 6. This is life, the 21st century. she needs to be a bit more opened up. her daughter will do way more drastic things in the future, rather than just painting her nails.
Yes I do but she is her mother so...... hahahaha I was trying to be nice :D I don't know when I started but little girls like 5 year olds have there nails painted I have actually sat next to one when getting a manicure because for her birthday she got ';big girl nails'; haha
I just depends on the parents preference, let your aunt do what she wants, I know 5 year olds who paint there nails %26amp;%26amp; people who can't paint them till they are 16 :)

hth :)

Please Answer Mine!;鈥?/a>
When I was little my mom painted them and I was only like a couple months old. But I'm tomboyish now and I would never do that.
thats crazy!!! and she is abolutely overacting

okay going to get nails painted i would say 3 is the lowest age i would go.

painting your own nails i would probably say around 7.


nail polish is not a crime! your aunt needs to losen up i first got my nails painted when i was three! omg! your aunt sounds over protective! when the child is 13 shes going to be wanting fake nails, let her live life!
I think your aunt is overreacting. Girls can start painting their nails whenever. My little cousin has her mom paint her nails and she is two.
My mom starting painting my toes when i was like 1 month old because i am an identical twin so that is how she told as apart.
Your aunt is overreacting. :P There is no rright time. My mom liked to paint mines when I was 4 or 5 its just nail polish its not like its a piercing or something.. XP haa
WAAYY over reacting!!

There is no right age for nail polish. It's just nail polish.

Why should she wait until 13 to paint her nails?

i think your aunty is over reacting a bit. i think shes at about the right age to start wearing nail polish. its not like you gave her fake nails or make up. :)
I've been painting my nails as long as I started wanting that stuff for my birthday ... That would be grade three, probably.

I have never left my nails bare for more than a day.
LOL she is definetly over reacting!!! 8/9 years old is a good age for nail polishing but no face make up!! Its not too young ive seen a girl around four wear nail varnish!!
Parents should never stifle creativity.

Over reacting.
I don't see why she freaked out. My mom was painting my nails when I was like 2. Everyone thought it was so cute. I started painting my own nails at 5 or 6.

I was painting them when I was about 5 :D
she is really over reacting! i started painting my nails since before i can remember! i think thats really stupid
Well, it's her kid, but yeah, I think she's overreacting! My mom used to paint my nails when I was 2!

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