Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is the best way to clean my mechanic husbands hands/nails?

I know mechanics ALWAYS have dirty hands and nails no matter how many times they wash their hands... but there has got to be a way for me to clean them up?? I figure scrubbing them with a nail brush, but with what? any suggestions?What is the best way to clean my mechanic husbands hands/nails?
Heavy Duty Simple Green Hand Cleaner Gel.What is the best way to clean my mechanic husbands hands/nails?
ok this is from a guy's point of veiw, and you may not like it but it's the truth. Unless if he is tracking oil or grease or grime to various places of the house from his hands then don't worry about cleaning them because the next day they will be just as dirty.

there would only one reason to get them sparling clean and that would be if you are going to go out to dinner or you are going to have company over or something like that.

Otherwise just let him wash the off a couple times with regular dish soap and warm water. that way he gets the surface stuff off.
Orange cleaner, Lava soap, anything with 'pumice' works. You'll need a brush.
Lava soap really helps with a nail brush.
they actually make an industial cleaner that his work should be able to get that literally will take all the dirt off////i dont know how safe it is though//

if he cant get it have him put gojo on his hands and rub them for at least 5 minutes...then take one of those small plastic brushes and scrub under the fingernails and around his hands////next junp in the shower and shower...then get out and put gojo back on the hads and rub them for 2minutes...this should get it all off...Oh and he must keep his hands moisturized after this and always before he goes to work///moisturizer will help keep the oil from setting in

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