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What can I do to avoid obtaining infections while getting my nails done?

I read in a magazine article that you could get an infection in your nails when you get them done at one of those nail salons. They named some things I could do to avoid that and also what I could do to know if the parlor was following the proper sanitary and hygenic guidelines to avoid causing the infections, but I can't remember any of them.

I would really appreciate it if you could tell me all or some of those things, if you know them. Thanks!What can I do to avoid obtaining infections while getting my nails done?
Ask the salon you go to about how they sterilize their tools and their cleaning maintenance between use. You can even ask them if clients have complained about infection. If they are not helpful or do not want to disclose anything, you might not want to go to the salon. If by chance you do end up getting an infection, try Mycocide NS, Anti-fungal. It's a top nail treatment product. See this source for why. can I do to avoid obtaining infections while getting my nails done?
Bringing your own utensils is a good idea, and if you go there often, you can ask them to store them for you in your own bag with your name on it. But I'd like to comment on a previous answer and say that it's impossible to get anything from nailpolish because the harsh chemicals in it will kill anything and everything it comes in contact with, I don't care what your doctor said.
Its not true!
so not true
Get to know your nail tech and go to the same one if possible. Build a relationship with her. I have one person I trust as I went to check out her salon and she gave me a tour and explained her philosphy to me. This was when she was first getting started and was trying to build a cliental.

She has one soaker tub for ';good feet'; and one for ';not good feet'; so she controls the spread of infections. She also uses an antifungal cream afterwards.

You can also bring your own tools and slippers. Highend or lowend doesnt matter as it depends really on whether the person cares or not.
I got a fungus infection on my nails at a beauty salon. When I went to the podiatrist he said the fungus is in the nail polish. Bring your own nail polish.
Go to an upscale salon. Usually, they are better maintained and the stuff they use is properly sanitized.
Generally, you'll only get an infection if you have a damaged immune system or if your nails are already delicate to begin with. I have never known anyone who got a nail infectoin from getting her nails done... However, I know a few people whose nail condition has improved due to regular manicure/pedicure treatments, especially a girl who has ingrown toes. Just make sure that the place is clean, they insist that their clients are clean first (before beginning you treatment), and that they clean their equipment regularly. You are more likely to get a nail infection hand-washing your own dishes.
This sounds like something that doesn't actually happen often. Magazines make their profits on alarming or interesting headlines, not on actual facts, so be wary of anything you read in them.

Having said that, it's not impossible to pick up an infection in any place of business. If you walked into, say, a diner and saw unwiped countertops and waitresses with grimy hands, you'd turn around and walk right back out again, wouldn't you? The same principle applies in beauty salons. If you look around the place and it's not at least as clean as your own kitchen, then take your business elsewhere.
dont go to a cheap nail salon!! you'll get infected and die!
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Bring your own tools when you get your nails done!
bring your own tools and polish. don't go if you have open cuts, hangnail, or your cuticles have been clipped off because germs can get in that way.

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