Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What are good summer colors for nails?

i am doing my nails and i want to do my nails a good summer color. any one have any ideas of what good summer colors are? i have some ideas but i want more!What are good summer colors for nails?
dont go for highly light or very dark colors instead insist for bright colors.....

neon shades with blue, green or pink is good....

have a colorful day.........What are good summer colors for nails?
you can take advantage of summer, and go bright! coral, hot pinks, etc...

however, if you have an office job, or are a little older, i'd stick with light pinks, such as marshmellow or ballet slippers by Duri.
Neon's in...but i personally think it's a little overdone. Everyone's been doing neon.

In the latest issue of Allure, however, nude-colored nails were a big thing. Just pick whatever suits you.
White! I love it when people paint their nails white. I think it's cool. And I don't mean just tips. I mean the whole nail. It's different. Not many people do it but I think it looks fresh and cool. :)
luminous colours ( especially orange) seem to be a hit this summer although clear shiny natural nails are always going to be pretty and for any time.

id say not to go with a striking red or sexy pink as they seem a -last year thing.
i looove neon pink, and turquoise, and neon yellow. light purple is soo pretty too. i like light purple best.
my cousins a fashion Designer and she says that bright pink and blues and oranges are in right now anything bold and bright and block colour is best, not any of those metallic ones.
Well bright colors are in such as bright pink yellow orange blue green purple etc!!! I wear a lot of yellow orange and pink in the summer its hott!!!
bright colours are in right now and are sweeping the cat walks so wear and colour that is a statement coulour or bright or that matches with what you are wearing! :)
extremely bright colors you can get them at Claire's but they chip off easy
ORANGE!! :] %26lt;3
I like girls in red nail polish loool that's if she has a light skin.
Cool, soft colors.
metalic pink, sunflower yellow, and red orange
bright neon colors like green, yellow, orange, hot pink

im rockin my neon orange nails right now
Orange, Coral, Yellow, Green, Light Blue...

nice bright colours

BarryM is a good brand to try aswell
neon's oranges pinks yellows purples
yellow,orange,green....maybe blue.
i wouldnt know, IM A GUY

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