Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do you clean underneath artificial nails?

When they were done at a salon?How do you clean underneath artificial nails?
just run them under hot water for a few min..if there really dirty like you were playing in dirt or something use a little scrub brushHow do you clean underneath artificial nails?
toothpick or toothbrush. you can even use a nail thing...or an eyebrow thing....haha...good luck. but keep them short to clean them easier and u just have to use water and u can use soap if u want...
Buy a cheap toothbrush and you really only just need to use water with it. :)
well i usually use...either like something pointy like a toothpick, brow plugger.....things like that!! i know it gets really annoying!
How far underneath do you want to clean? If you just want to clean you real nails you should have no problem just use the usual stuff that people clean their nails with . If not then you would have to remove the fake nails in order to clean underneath them but you could check out this really cool website called ehow .com. i hope i have been of some help.
dont make them too long , it would be hard , i do it with a little brush and a little toothpaste :)
thootpick i guess

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