Friday, January 15, 2010

New Vegetarians/Vegans, Have your nails and hair grown faster since you gave up meat?

I've been a vegetarian since I was 12 so don't remember, but a friend of mine says its true.New Vegetarians/Vegans, Have your nails and hair grown faster since you gave up meat?
10 years of vegetarianism.

And wow. My hair grows like grass, its crazy! Im renowned in my family for having really thick hair!

My nails are pink and strong- no protein problems here folks! :-)

If you have healthy nails and hair, it's a good sign- it means you are healthy. So keep eating what you are eating! :o)

[edit] Snazdaculer1, being vegetarian does not make your hair grow slowly. It's about a balanced diet. A balanced veg*n diet will provide all you need for good health. Peace! :)xNew Vegetarians/Vegans, Have your nails and hair grown faster since you gave up meat?
I'm not a vegetarians or vegans and my hair and nails grow healthy and fast, I eat have eaten meat since I was in my moms belly and I eat it every day. I have great health. My dad has been a vegetarian for 23 years and his hair and nails don't grow fast. I don't think it matters if you eat meat or not, it just matters if you are getting all of your nutrients.

Plus its a fact that it you have blood type O not eating meat means you have to make sure that you are getting all the minerals you need to keep your immune system good. My dad has type O and he gets sick fast. My type is O a nd I never get sick because I eat balanced diet with meat.
I have very healthy nails. My hair - so so (I would like it thicker).

They do grow fast - but then they always have.

I am a vegetarian.

Last person that I was seriously involved with was vegetarian and his hair while long, was also falling out and his nails were really thin - but he bit them all the time too.

Personal view - I think it is genetics - with diet as a factor but not primary.
my hair has definatley grown a lot longer and faster than before when I ate meat. I haven't noticed my nails. but my hair is also a lot more shinier and I use regular shampoo.
Yes, my hair and nails grow much faster since I've been a vegetarian. My meat eating little brother, 8 years younger them me, is half bald already.
9 years into it I've noticed no changes in hair/nails. I do however notice I'm sick MUCH less and feel healthier in general.
I've been veggie since I was 4, so I'm don't really know any difference...but my hair's always grown really fast, so maybe it's true! :D
8 months veg*n and haven't noticed any difference.
hm, i think my hair has been growing faster but nails no.
NO, all my hair is falling out!

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