Sunday, January 17, 2010

My dog has a black nails how I can cut them with out hurting him?

I cant see his veins maybe there is some way to see them, please help!My dog has a black nails how I can cut them with out hurting him?
I found this to be a helpful description:

Trim off little bits at a time.

Keep checking the clipped part of your dog's nail and look out for a dark spot in the middle of the newly clipped area - this shows the start of the quick - do not cut too far into this. Taking just tiny nibbles, you will then start to see a pale third inner circle. Stop there - or else you are likely to hurt your dog.鈥?/a>My dog has a black nails how I can cut them with out hurting him?
Go to a vet and tell them to cut them.
That's the problem with black claws. You are supposed to trim just a very little at a time to avoid cutting the quick. But honestly, on the black dog I owned, I let the groomer or the vet do it because I was chicken. I do my other dogs and my cat where I can see though.
My poodle-terrier has black nails, too. I use a flashlight under her nail while I'm cutting it. The flashlight shows where the veins are.
I would take him to a vet for sure! It is VERY painful for a dog if you cut too far; It's just the same as cutting through your skin underneath the nails. And with black nails it is almost impossible to tell. I have a friend who is a vet technician and even she agrees that it is hard to cut black nails; she doesn't like cutting them at all.
It would be better to have a vet show you how to clip your dog's nails. Then, next time you will be able to do it yourself.
Do not do it yourself, go to Pet'smart or somewhere to have them clipped unless your totally sure you know what your doing.
I've never done that myself since I've heard that it's tricky. I know at the vet it's around $10 for them to do it. Good luck and just take it slow!
take it to the vet. if u dont trust urself doing it then ur bound to mess up and cut too far.
if your afraid to do it yourself, dont take the chance because you may regret it. take him to a vet and have them do it for you. =D
Look up underneath, you can see where the quick is.

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